12 hidden Telegram features you need to know about

On August 14, 2020, one of the most popular instant messengers in the world – the notorious Telegram, which is still being tried to block in Russia, turns 7 years old. Pavel Durov, the ideological inspirer and project manager, regularly emphasizes that throughout this time the application with Russian roots defends freedom and confidentiality. Including thanks to this, Telegram is so popular. But many people value not only the security of their data in the messenger but also the abundance of useful features and ease of use.

Most Telegram features are as obvious and intuitive as possible. For example, no one needs to explain how to add new stickers and send them to friends and colleagues. Themed communities and multifunctional bots for an avid user are also not the biggest secrets. Rummaging through the application settings and customizing it for yourself is another fairly simple task. However, until today, the messenger has grown with so many additional functions that many of them have been lost. We will consider a dozen of the most interesting of them in this material.

Silent wiretapping of voice messages

What if typing is not a good idea? This most often happens when driving, when your hands are busy, and there is no possibility or desire to be distracted by correspondence. Then voice messages come to the rescue. If you do not abuse these, sometimes they are very helpful. The only thing is, listening to them without headphones is not very convenient – everyone around you can hear what they could tell you in great secret. It’s good that the developers of Telegram have provided for the possibility of purely personal listening to voice messages. For this, a conversational speaker is used.

How to do it: Just attach your smartphone to your ear, and playback will automatically switch to the earpiece. By the way, after listening to the message, in the same way, you can activate the response recording. When the smartphone understands what is near the ear, it is activated automatically.

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Moving through topic posts through hashtags

Telegram is not just a messenger, but a complete tool for personal and working communication. With it, you can both discuss plans with your relatives or friends for tonight, and manage a fairly large business no worse than through Slack. Few people know that in the first and second cases during correspondence, you can use the most common hashtags, which many are used to on the social network Instagram.

How to do it: Just specify any word through the # sign, and it will automatically turn into a hashtag. It can be used for all thematic messages that you want to return to in the future. For example, so you can save in the ‘Favorites’ photos with family marked # family.

Free cloud for personal files

Since we are talking about the “Favorites”, we should dwell on it in more detail. This is a free cloud for photos, videos, documents and other files that Telegram offers. The volume of this storage is not regulated, so you can use it without obvious restrictions. You can use hashtags for sorting, but there are no full-fledged file folders here. However, in the “Favorites” it is very convenient to store information that you regularly exchange through Telegram. By the way, the limit on the size of each file here is 1.5 GB.

How to do it: Interaction with it is no different from working with any other dialogue in the messenger. You can send regular text messages here.

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Surveys or real quizzes in group dialogs

Not so long ago, Telegram developers have significantly boosted the polling system, which can be used not only within channels but also in any group dialogs. Now users have the opportunity to create “votes” with one or more answer options, as well as arrange real quizzes.

How to do this: click on the button with the image of a paper clip, which is located to the left of the message input line, and select the option “Poll”. After that, you will be able to ask a question, add several answer options, configure additional parameters and launch all this to the masses.

Quickly format text with characters

Few people know that the Telegram messenger has tools for formatting text. You can select the necessary fragment and make it bold, italics, crossed out, and so on. However, it is long enough, and much faster to use special characters.

How to do it: add a couple of stars on each side of the word or expression to make it bold, use the two lower underscores on each side of the expression to turn it into italics, and the wavy lines on the left and right will change the font to crossed out.

Pending messages for friends and colleagues

My SMM colleagues told me that you can even create pending messages in Telegram. I have been using this messenger for several years, but I had no idea that it had this interesting and useful feature. Imagine, with the help of it you can remind a friend the number of his night train, having already seen the seventh or eighth dream.

How to do this: enter the text in a regular or group dialogue, hold your finger on the send button, select the option “Send later”, determine the day, hours and minutes when the message will be sent and confirm your intention. After that, a button with the image of the clock will appear on the right side of the input line, with which you can see the pending messages for a particular dialogue.

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Creating your own themes and using strangers

Few people know that Telegram has a built-in engine for changing the application interface. You have the opportunity to edit the appearance of key design elements, change the shade of the background and color accents. Interestingly, such topics can be saved and shared in any convenient way.

How to do this: Go to the “Settings” section, expand the “Appearance” menu, press the ⊕ button in the upper left corner of the screen, select the “Create a new theme” option, name it, change the colors and click the “Finish” button, to save her.

You can share any of your created topics with your friends on Telegram. To do this, go to Settings> Appearance, hold your finger on a custom theme, select the “Share” option and determine the recipient – you can even copy the link and post your creation on the site or inside the blog. There are also functions for changing and deleting theme settings.

Using multiple accounts

When using Telegram, it is clearly visible that its developers have never tried to create a messenger with an abundance of restrictions. Instead, they focused on the needs of users and tried to satisfy them as much as possible. At first glance, there is nothing like that. However, you begin to appreciate it when you lose. In this regard, the same Viber is surprising – the same account in it, for example, cannot be used on two mobile devices at once. At the same time, even on the same device, several accounts can be linked to Telegram without problems: for example, work and personal.

How to do this: Go to the “Settings” section, expand the menu of your account, click on the “Add Account” button, enter a phone number and set all the necessary parameters for it in the usual way. Now it will be possible to switch between accounts by a long tap on the tab of the “Settings” section.

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Fast change of the recipient of the forwarded message

Any received or sent a message in Telegram can be forwarded to another user or reset to a group dialogue. To do this, hold your finger on it, and then select the option “Forward” and determine the recipient. What to do if you made a mistake at the last moment?

How to do it: After selecting a recipient, Telegram automatically moves you into a dialogue with him and offers to supplement the sent text with auxiliary information. At this stage, you can change the destination – just click on the fragment of the forwarded message above the input line.

Highlight specific text in a message

The more opportunities appear in Telegram, the more unobvious it becomes the use of some of them. For example, not everyone knows how to highlight a part of the text in the message of their interlocutor. If you just hold it down, an additional action window will appear. How to be

How to do this: You can easily select the part of the text from the menu of additional actions. Just hold the message to go into it, and then select the necessary fragment with the standard means of the system – hold your finger on the text and mark only the part that you now need.

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Highlight multiple messages with a simple gesture

To select several messages and take the necessary action with several of them, you need to hold one of the messages in the standard to go to the menu of additional actions, and then click on the “More” button. However, this whole sequence can be replaced with one simple gesture.

How to do it: To quickly select the desired message, swipe it with two fingers from left to right. After that, you can mark additional messages (this is done by swiping with two fingers up or down if the selection mode is already activated) – you can delete them, send them to any other person or dialogue, share them in a convenient way.

The fastest way to open the menu of additional actions

This material has repeatedly mentioned the menu of additional actions for working with messages. With it, you can answer any of them, copy the necessary information, forward it, and so on. To activate this menu, any of the messages must be clamped. But this is not the only way.

How to do this: Few people know that the menu of additional actions can also be called up using a quick double-tap on a message. Usually, this method works much faster. The more often you use this feature, the more time you end up saving.

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