5 Social Media Security Tips To Mitigate Risks In 2020

During these tough times of COVID-19 in 2020, we kill our boredom, progress our official works, share our daily updates, download social media content from 4hub and so on… on social media. But even this social media can take a turn to risk our lives.

Recently Google’s Threat Analysis Group(TAG) has revealed a report that, from the start of this 2020, more than 15,000 accounts were marked as “Government-Backed Attackers” by Google’s TAG.

These firms create fake Gmail accounts imitating the World Health Organization (WHO), and insisting people to sign up for updating the recent data and information regarding the COVID-19 directly from the WHO. Even the links they attach with this fake mail was very much similar to that of the WHO’s official website.

These links may collect your details like your mobile number, location, etc., which will be more convenient for them to proceed with their malware activities. They usually aim at huge business officials, innocent peoples, and less secured organizations. So we should be very safe and careful. Don’t get caught in any of these traps. Don’t allow hackers to indulge in your privacy.

Avoid Unwanted Links

 Links are one of the most frequently and commonly used weapons for hackers to trap you. An Instagram link was spread a few months ago, which could scrape off your email id, mobile number, passwords, and other personal details. Some links may be shared in the way of attracting people like free recharge, free coupons, play games and win money, and so on. In 2020, the links like recent updates of COVID-19 are spreading virally even more than Coronavirus.   

So better avoid unknown as well as unwanted links. Please don’t take too much risk because it is not an easy task to overcome these problems. It may lead you to change your mobile number, sometimes even your mobile itself, because there may be a chance of a virus in those links, which may ultimately destroy your mobile software. You avoid forwarding unwanted connections to your friends.

Appoint A Social Media Protection Officer

Hackers mainly target large organizations to collect their sensitive information. So appointing a well-versed employee for maintaining the company’s confidential information and checking in on social media accounts will be the best option to be secured and safe from hackers. The officer can also assist in making employees aware of security issues. 

Because of their little carelessness, they can bring their whole company to risk. So they should be trained very well and be up to date always. All the employees of the organization should be well-known about these problems and sudden action that should be taken.

Avoid Noticing Unknown Mails

As I have mentioned above, problems may also occur from unknown or spam mails. So avoid replying to unknown or unwanted letters, better delete them. If it was already marked spam, you also mark it as spam so that the social media may consider that and block its activity, once the sperm count increases.

Mainly don’t click the links from the known mail ids. It may even lead you to change your email id. And from knowing your personal details, they may also easily track your friend’s personal information. So don’t provide such chances. By hacking your mail id, it would be easy for them to hack your other social media accounts if you have created that account using your email id.

Strong Passwords

Always have a habit of using strong passwords for your social media accounts. Use numbers, special characters, and many letters and make sure the password to be very complicated. And do not use the same password for all the social media accounts. In that case, if one of your accounts is being hacked, then all other accounts can also be hacked easily. 

Remembering all those passwords would be a difficult job, but getting your account hacked makes the situation more complicated. Because without your knowledge, they can post anything from your account, change your password so that you cannot use it, misuse your personal messages, and so on.., which may disturb your social privacy. Do you decide which is better?

Install Anti-virus Software

Installing Anti-virus software is a must. It scans each and every application before downloading whether it has a virus or not. In case if there is any virus, it notifies you so that you can be careful.

Better the data and information in your device can be encrypted (encoding the data) to prevent it from being stolen. The firewall VPN can also be installed in your device to stay protected against hackers.

Follow all these steps and stay away from these dangerous developing technologies. If we all are careful, then any of their efforts will never work with us. 

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