6 Apps That Will Transform Your Band’s Performance

Tired of performing for the locals? Think your Band’s talent is being wasted? Want to make it as big as The Beatles or Led Zeppelin? Fret not!

From the issues you face while writing the lyrics to getting your song recorded, we have you covered. Follow this article through and discover how these 6 apps will completely change the way you make music.

Lyrics: The painted words

“My soul is painted like

The wings of butterflies.

Fairy tales of yesterday

Will grow but never die.”

                                      -“The Show Must Go On” by Queen

Your songs will only become successful if their lyrics manage to touch the souls. And “Lyric Notepad” will help you in writing these beautiful words.

This app is a blessing to all the aspiring lyricists out there!

Lyric Notepad

This app is well endowed with several features that include Syllable Counter and Measure mode to keep a count on the syllables per line and a quarter, respectively.

Rhyme Matching color coordinates the rhyming words automatically once you are done writing your lyrics. What makes this app even more remarkable is the inclusion of a metronome, word lookup, and a recorder.

Music Score: The Building Blocks

Creating your music is no cakewalk. Getting the pitches, rhythms, and chords in harmony cause more than just a storm in a teacup. To help you with editing your score sheets over and over, “Flat: Music and Tab Editor” is your best bet.

Flat: Music and Tab Editor

This iOS-exclusive app is a treasure trove of unique features! This app provides over 100 instruments, including pianos, acoustic, electric guitar, and percussion instruments. This app enables you to read and write notations along with the tabs. Hundreds of music notations available in multiple toolbars: notes, articulations, dynamics, measures, texts, etc. Finally, it also provides real-time collaboration and offline edition!

Recording the Music: The First Test!

Can’t afford a high studio recording? Looking for a DAW recording app? The “ Hokusai Audio Editor” is your wish come true.

Hokusai Audio Editor

Hokusai Audio Editor is easy to record and import app. This app not only documents your song but only provides you with a plethora of features to edit the same.

You can edit tracks side-by-side and set the volume and pan for each track, mix them, or even split them. This app also gives you an option of importing audio files of any format inclusive of wave(.wav), Core Audio(.caf, .aiff), and MPEG(.mp3) files. This app is available only on iOS with charged PRO versions.


Not satisfied with the above app or don’t own an iOS device, then your next best option is the “Bandlab” App. This app allows you to record and edit your audio files and has a social networking feature that will enable you to collaborate with different artists from all over the world.

This app involves a 12 track mix editor, 100+ vocals/Guitar/Bass preset, Looper, Tuner, and Metronome along with the remix tracks.

The icing on the cake about this app is it is entirely free of cost!

The Performance: Your Spotlight!

The lyrics were written, the music created, and your songs recorded. Finally, it’s your time to shine! So, where do you put your lovely song so that it becomes available to the public?

The best and trending online streaming music app, “Spotify for Artists,” is your ideal platform.

Spotify for Artists

This app helps you to analyze your audience, get their feedback, and assess their expectations. You can also control your presence, edit your profile, playlists, and Artist’s pick. Celebrate your music with real-time statistics for new releases, updates when you’ve been added to a playlist, and follower milestones.

Despite having your song on a streaming platform, do you miss the thrill of performing live? “GigTown” is here to save the day!


All you have to do is sign up on their website, and the rest will be taken care of.

This app helps locals explore the music created by the artists around them and keeps them entertained with your songs. The app also allows them to book artists for any event. As an artist, you get featured on their radios, and your music will have a wider reach. The masses who adore you will be waiting in queues just for your concerts. And that is your ticket to performing live and making your dreams come true.


These apps will address every technical issue you have faced so far. So, stop worrying your head over it. Remember, there is only so much these apps can do! Your dreams will only come true if you guys step up your ante, practice well, and start following your heart and music!

You can also get your solutions by using this tool developed by 4Hub. So what are you waiting for? Go to Play Store or Appstore and download these apps and march ahead with full gusto.

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