Now that we are starting the new year, it is the typical time to make promises for the future. All of us, or almost all of us, like to challenge ourselves and set goals for the new year. Insurance does too. In fact, the Spanish insurance industry sets itself, facing the new year, three main objectives.

The first goal is to be more transparent. In this field, we’ve done things, but we want to do more. Our commitment with a simple language that does not cost you to understand, with a way of explaining the characteristics and conditions of the insurance, is a total commitment. Similar to what you may have to make 2021 the year you will quit smoking; a goal to which, don’t forget, your health insurer will never leave you alone.

The second goal is to be more digital. It is another way of being transparent because being transparent is not just speaking your language, but speaking it through the channels where you want to hear it. We want to make things easier for you and be more agile every day. An objective that, perhaps, also reminds of that other personal classic, the famous “this year does not happen: I will go to the gym every week”. If you do so, know that insurance will also help you and could even reward you for being more active. And do not forget, in any case, that you will not go to the gym alone; insurance goes with you.

Our third commitment is to be more sustainable. Sustainability is made up of three major components, which are usually summarized in three letters: ESG. A for Environmental, S for Social and G for Business Governance. We don’t want to leave even one. If your New Years proposal is to do more for the planet in 2021, you would do well to learn about the growing environmental investments in insurance. Regarding business sustainability, you should know that insurance is one of the sectors whose internal government is more regulated and guarded by standards, and it is also at the forefront of best management practices. And, on the social, if your purpose in 2021 is to turn your professional life around, you should not dismiss us as a good destination. Perhaps you think that your profession does not interest for the insurance; But the same, if you inform yourself, you get a surprise. And remember: almost all of our workers are permanent, and we are one of the highest paying sectors of the economy.

If you have goals, so do we. Let’s go to 2021!

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