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Hi! I am
Ganesh pandey. I am 18. I am pursuing Civil engineering and also learning android development. Since I am learning programming languages and android development, I have great interest in softwares, games and applications. In past two years I have gathered a lot of information about these things from google. Now I want to share my knowledge with you. Most of the people are really confused to choose different applications and softwares for their work. So I am here to guide them. I will be very pleased to help if my audience have any problem regarding technology.

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Because I put my whole efforts in keeping my audience happy. I try to provide them the best data possible. And our data is very much reliable because it is not just taken from one place but from several books and websites. A lot research is made before publishing any post. And also if there is any little error in the post then users can give us feedback and we try to resolve the problem as soon as possible. If we find any problem regarding our post we will edit our post again. A good work can’t be done alone so I want your support also. Please help me to make it better. And make it more accessible to other people. We encourage anyone to contribute our guides.

My gmail is admin@masterhere.in for any problem