Alpha Track (Pvt.) Ltd to set up the new era of Vehicle Tracking in Pakistan

Alpha Track (Pvt.) Ltd is a Pakistan based company providing Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management Services. Over time, there have been many Vehicle Tracking Services available in Pakistan, in which most are not doing well of a job. However, the competition in this field is tremendous. It’s not an easy task to make your name in Car Tracking Services in Pakistan nowadays.

But still Alpha Track (Pvt.) Ltd has made its name rise among the top tier in this particular field. Alpha Track can easily be considered one of the best Vehicle Tracking companies in Pakistan with its services. With over 7,000 satisfied customers, their customer satisfaction ratio is better than most.

Furthermore, its services are available in the whole of Pakistan. Wherever you are, you can get advantages from their services.


The Vehicle Tracking company Alpha Track has many features that help their user better understand and monitor them. Those features are as followed.

  • Realtime on Map tracking, in which a vehicle is monitored live on a map, where it is going.
  • Geofences, in which certain boundaries are added to the vehicle. If the vehicle leaves the said boundaries, the customer will get a call from the Alpha Track’s control room to confirm whether the user has it in their knowledge or not.
  • SMS Alerts are automatically given to the user on Ignition On with current location, Ignition Off with current location and total milage, Overspeeding, Battery Temper, and on leaving the geofences.
  • Mobile Application for both Android and IOS, on which a user can view their car live on the map. The app also allows the user to Kill the vehicle’s engine or Release the engine if previously killed. Furthermore, there are many more features available on the app.
  • Calls, in which a user will get a confirmation call or alert the user about the Geofences, Battery Temper, and Illegal Ignition (more information below).
  • Kill/Release Engine; if for some reason the user desires to kill the vehicle’s engine, they can either call the control room to kill the engine or they can do it themselves through the Mobile App. Upon Killing the engine, the vehicle will not start by any means; furthermore, if someone tries to start the vehicle when killed, the user will get a phone call to alert them.
  • A user can also ask for a Milage report, Park report, and Running report of their vehicle from the control room or the Mobile App.
  • Alpha Track gives 24/7 Control room services, with Assistance in collaboration with the Police in theft cases.
  • Video Recording & Voice Recording are also an optional feature a user can get.


Alpha Track offers several services to the people of Pakistan, which are as followed.

  • Fleet Management
  • Personal Vehicle Tracking
  • Self-Vehicle Tracking

Fleet Management

If your business runs around a fleet of cars, it is compulsory to have a Fleet Management System. In a fleet management system, a company helps the organization to manage and keep track of all its vehicles in an ordered manner.

Alpha Track offers special packages for Fleet Management. They’ve been managing many fleets of cars and have good experience in doing so. Full fledge services are given to the user, with greater assistance to stop worrying about their vehicles given to different drivers.

Personal Vehicle Tracking

Individuals like ourselves can also get benefited from these services. Vehicle Tracker can also be installed in a single personal use vehicle at low prices. The user will be better able to control their car with greater safety. All the features mentioned above will also be given to individuals using the Personal Vehicle Tracking Package.

Self-Vehicle Tracking

In self-tracking, the company will install the tracker on a vehicle and provide them with a Mobile App or Web App. However, all other expenses or services that a tracker might need will be the user’s responsibility. And the services offered are also limited in this package. But users will get good Assistance in theft cases.


Concluding everything, I would say that Tracking your vehicle is more necessary now than ever. And Alpha Track’s hard-working and professional staff are working tirelessly to offer good services to you. In the crowd of all tracking companies, Alpha Track is standing out to be the best Tracking Services Provider in Pakistan.

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