Grow your business with Customer Obsession

Customer obsession is now a popular catchphrase that incorporates focussing on your customers whilst also emphasizing on building a long-lasting relationship with those customers. It involves turning those who use our products from customers to fans who believe in and advocate for the brand and its message. But how do we create this? We’ve put together a guide to customer obsession to help you get to grips with this important trend in marketing.


You need to understand our customer’s goals and how your business can help them reach these goals. This may involve thinking outside the box, but to be engaging in customer obsession you must research how you can help make our customer’s goals achievable. This shows that you are committed to their success and are actively working to create a long-term relationship.


The more your business can understand what’s motivating your customers at a personal level, the better you’ll be able to partner with them to reach their desired goals. This is the insight that should inform your communication style as well as your brand behaviors. It is your brand’s responsibility to adapt your style to effectively communicate with your customers. This is an active part of trying to create an interaction that will meet the customer’s needs and ensure they see you as a brand they can advocate for.

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To achieve customer obsession your business needs to be committed to discover and respond to your customers. You may already be focusing on what your customer needs but do not respond fast enough to this. Surprisingly two-thirds of businesses don’t have a practice for delivering the real-time that customers need. Bad news travels fast in the modern world and this can be costly. If you don’t respond or engage quickly enough to your customers, they will make their voices heard at your expense.


Changing your language can have a major impact on how customers perceive you and your company. Apply these principles to every conversation, a simple step like changing, me to we or I to you makes all the difference during a customer interaction. Help spread the correct message throughout your business not only when dealing with customers but in meetings and with co-workers.

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As humans, we’re more likely to keep doing something if there’s a reward at the end. The more we do something, the more it becomes a habit. To develop consistent customer obsession within your business will take time and reinforcement. Reward your employees who showcase the perfect example of customer obsession. Recognize individuals within your team and offer them an acknowledgment for their service. This can be through a badge or a reward. Create a weekly or monthly meeting throughout the organization to highlight these individuals so they know how vital their role is to ensure you achieve a customer obsessive company.


As a leader of your business, you are in the prime position to push the concept of customer obsession from the top down. You need to incorporate customer obsession principles in your executive meetings and business plans, during reviews, shareholder meetings and throughout your business development. If we ask our employees to adopt a customer-focused strategy then we have to be doing the same with our business plan. To ensure you create a customer-obsessed plan you need to replicate it at the highest level of your business.

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To achieve customer obsession you need to have empowerment throughout your organization. From pre-sales to sales to post-sales you need to have institutionalized customer-obsessed behaviors. Having a reward mechanism can play an important role in this process as well as offering staff e-learning resources and role-playing scenarios. The more you bring your employees on board and have them advocate for you and your brand the more your customers will be encouraged to follow suit.


  • Photo by Adeolu Eletu on Unsplash.
  • Written by Sarah McCann, Blog Editor at a luggage delivery service that helps businesses, as well as tourists, save on travel.

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