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Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers of all time. It is used by a large proportion of the world. It has so many features that are not available in other browsers. One of the features I like about Google Chrome is an extension. You can add many extensions to your Google Chrome to make your work easy. There are thousands of extensions available on the Chrome web store. In this guide, I am going to tell you about one of the best chrome extensions you can use.

What are Extensions?

With the help of Chrome extensions, you can get a lot of new features for your Google Chrome. It can help you a lot while internet surfing. According to Google Chrome developers:

“Extensions are small software programs that customize the browsing experience. They enable users to tailor Chrome functionality and behavior to individual needs or preferences. They are built on web technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.”

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Chrome Web Store

You can download extensions from Chrome web store. As you download applications and games from Google Play Store. Similarly you can download extensions from Chrome web store. These extensions are very small in size because most of them work online. They are the Like large software but in 1 or 2 MB maximum in size. I have added over two dozen of extension in my Google Chrome. And they are quite useful. I recommend you to use some extensions and feel a complete new experience. Let’s start our list of best extensions for your Google Chrome.
Best Chrome Extensions

1. Google translate

Suppose you are visiting a site for some work but you do not know the language in which the website is written, there you can use Google Translate. You can translate the whole page into your desired language. Although Google offers you to change the language by default you can use it for other purposes like you are visiting any website which is in English. You even know English but there may be some words which you don’t know so you can search them right top on the screen. You don’t have to open a new tab and you need not search for the word. Add it to your Chrome from Here.

Google Translate

2. Click and clean

It is an awesome extension. With the help of this extension, you can manage your history, cache, Private data, and cookies. You can view and even clear all of them with a single click of the mouse. I use it regularly for clearing my history cookies, Private data, and cache. Not the only that, but it has so many other features also.
Here is the list of all features of This extension:
1. Securely Close Browser
2. Clear private data
3. Cache
4. History
5. Extension
6. Download
7. Cookies
8. Privacy test
9. Memory
10. Incognito
11. Plug-in
12. DNS
13. Experiments
14. Network Stack
15. Generate password
16. Conflict
17. Bug
All of these features you can get for free. Add it to your Chrome from Here.

3. Save to Google drive

This extension is also quite good to use. Suppose you are visiting any website or any Page or anything on Google Chrome and if you want to save it, then just click on the icon of Google Drive and the page will be saved directly to your Google Drive. You do not need it to download and then upload. Add it your Chrome from Here.

Google Drive Extension

4. Screencastify

Have you ever wanted to record your computer screen as if you want to record the gameplay of any game or you want to record the procedure for any work? Then you might also have searched for some software for recording. Most of the software is not free. Just forget that you do not need to download any software for that purpose you just have to add this extension to your Google Chrome and you can do the same work with this extension. Add it to you Chrome From Here.

5. Google input tools

As the name suggests you can change your input languages with this extension. You might also think that why would you need to change your language. But believe me and It is going to be very useful one day. For instance, one day I was surfing on Quora and a person requested a question in Hindi but I could not type in Hindi with my English keyboard. Then I found this extension where I can switch to any language. I have to just type in English and it will type it into the desired language. Now I can type in most of the languages with my same keyboard. Add it to you Chrome From Here.

6. Google tone

This extension may not be used on a regular basis. But it can be quite handy in many situations. Google tone can broadcast your URL to other devices. Think of a situation when you are visiting a website and you want your friend to also visit that website from his computer. Then you have to tell him the website name and the complete address or you have to share the link. But with the help of Google tone, you can do it with one click. When you click on the icon, a sound will be released from your laptop or your computer and the other person can open the same page instantly on his system if he also has Google Tone. Add it to you Chrome From Here.

7. Dot VPN

There are many websites that are only available to a restricted area or a country. So, have you ever thought of changing your location? You might also have search Google for this and you would be told about many VPN software. you may also have downloaded some of them. But they cost you some $$. But you do not need to download any of the software, you just have to add this extension to your Chrome and you can change your virtual location to any country. If any site is restricted to US citizens only still you can change your location and use that website. It is used for safety purposes also. It can hide your actual location. Add it to you Chrome From Here.

8. Password Alert

This extension is also provided by Google. Whenever you enter your Google password on any website which is not offered by Google then this extension will alert you on the spot. Now you may think that you can see yourself that whether it is offered by Google or not. But you may be wrong because you may become the victim of the phishing hacking method. In this hacking method, they create a fake website with the name of Google or any other popular organization and ask you to login into the page and as soon as you log in with your password, they steal your whole data. To add this extension to your Google Chrome. Whenever anyone is trying to attack you with a phishing method you will be suddenly informed.  Safety is necessary. Add it to you Chrome From Here.

9. Musixmatch

Musixmatch is a platform where you can search and share lyrics. It is the largest platform for this purpose with more than 73 million users. More than 40 million lyrics can be found on musixmatch. It is accessible through the web and through applications on mobile phones. They have also provided the extension of musixmatch. You just have to add this extension to your Google Chrome and enable it. So whenever you are listening to any song on YouTube or any other place, it is going to provide you the lyrics if they have in their database. It not only shows the lyrics but also synchronizes it. I just love it. Add it to you Chrome From Here.

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