Best Computer shortcut keys you must learn today

We all use computers and laptops for playing games or doing some work. We just keep on hovering mouse over different icons and double-clicking them. Sometimes we need a keyboard to select something etc. Then you may also have encountered the idea of operating your system without touching the mouse. It means operating your computer with shortcut keys only. Then you are not alone. Many want to do so but some fail to do so.

In this post, I am going to tell some computer shortcut keys which are useful in reducing the use of mouse while using the computer.

Why Computer shortcut keys are so important?

Computer shortcut keys are important because you may face a condition when your mouse might stop working or the buttons runoff. Then you can not stop your work especially when it is important.

Also, Using the mouse, again and again, reduces your work speed. If you are familiar with computer shortcut keys then your work efficiency will definitely increase. You will also feel like a pro. You can show in front of your friends while using the computer. They’re gonna ask “How you did it without touching mouse?”

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List of Computer shortcut keys

All shortcut keys are not mentioned below. Only those shortcut keys are mentioned which will help you to reduce the use of the mouse. If you want a long list of computer shortcuts then click here.

Simple cut – paste type shortcuts

  • Undo: Ctrl +Z
  • Redo : Ctrl + Y
  • Copy : Ctrl + C
  • Cut : Ctrl + X
  • Paste : Ctrl + V
  • Select All : Ctrl + A
  • Save : Ctrl + S
  • Save as: F12 (It works for Microsoft software like excel only)
  • Find: Ctrl + F (Find any word or phrase on the page)

Some new Functional shortcut keys

  • Right-click: Shift + F10 (if you want to right-click on any icon then hover over it with arrow keys and press the keys)
  • Lock your system: Window + L
  • Open My computer: Window + E
  • Close the current window: Alt + F4 (prompts shutdown menu when no window is open or all are minimized)
  • Minimize all windows: Window + D or Window + M
  • Open Windows mobility center: Window + X (Control wifi, volume, and other settings)
  • Capitalize any letter: Press ‘shift’ while typing any key and the key will be capitalized (It reduces the use of Caps Lock)
  • Change the field: Press ‘Tab’ (while filling any form press tab to change the field)

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Switching between windows

When a lot of tabs are open then you can easily switch between those windows with following computer shortcut keys. You can switch between the window by two different methods.

Simple switching

Open any window when many windows are open or minimized then press,

  • ‘Window + number of the window on the taskbar’2

For example In the image above :

  • if you want to open chrome then press ‘Window + 1″ because it is on the 1st position.
  • If you want to open notepad then press ‘ Window + 3’ because it is in the 3rd position.

There are two different windows open of file explorer So,

  • If you want to open 1st one then press ‘window + 2’ because it is in 2nd position.
  • If you want to open 2nd one then press ‘ window + 2( twice)’ because it is on 2nd position of file explorer.
  • Similarly, if three windows are open of the same category then price the number thrice.

If you find it complicated then Simply press: Window + T (it will hover over windows)  Press enter to select.

Switching in 2D and 3D

  • Switch between windows in 2D: Alt + Tab ( press and hold ‘Alt’ key and press ‘tab’ to choose between windows, If you leave alt then the chosen window will open)
  • Switch between windows in 3D: Window + Tab ( press and hold ‘window’ key and press ‘tab’ to choose between windows, If you leave alt then the chosen window will open)
  • Switch between windows in 2D with arrows: Alt + Ctrl + Tab + arrow keys ( press alt, ctrl and tab keys together once, do not hold and then choose the window with arrow keys.)
  • Switch between windows in 3D with arrows: window + Ctrl + Tab + arrow keys ( press window, ctrl and tab keys together once, do not hold. Then choose the window with arrow keys.)

Computer Shortcuts for Google chrome

All use browsers on their computers. And most of the people use google chrome as a browser. Most of the following shortcuts are applicable to most of the browsers. Although we can not use browser efficiently without mouse because there are so many links on a single web page that we can not have shortcuts for all of those links. Still, we can click on a link without.

Press tab to hover over links and press ‘Enter’ to click. But it consumes a lot of time. But still, are some shortcut keys which are definitely going to help you.

  • New Tab : Ctrl + T
  • Close existing tab : Ctrl + W
  • History : Ctrl + H
  • Downloads : Ctrl + J
  • Access URL bar : Ctrl + L
  • Open link in a new tab: press ‘Ctrl’ while clicking on the link, it will open the link in new tab
  • Open link in a new window: press ‘Shift’ while clicking on the link.
  • Bookmark : Ctrl + D
  • Show and hide bookmark Bar: Ctrl + Shift + B
  • Open bookmark manager : Ctrl + Shift + O
  • New window : Ctrl + N
  • New incognito Tab : Ctrl + Shift +N
  • Open recently closed tab : Ctrl + Shift + T
  • Clear browsing data : Ctrl + Shift + Del
  • Task Manager: Shift + Esc (It is not window task manager, It will open google chrome task manager)
  • Inspect: Ctrl + Shift + I (You may never require this shortcut until you are a developer)
  • Report: Alt + Shift + I ( If you want to report any page then use this shortcut)
  • Access three-dot menu: Press ‘Alt’ and then ‘Down Arrow’

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These are hundreds of shortcuts. I have not mentioned all of them because the main motive behind writing this post was to introduce you with those keys which will let you reduce the use of the mouse. These computer shortcuts key are definitely going to help

Also, Stop using the mouse from today. Wherever you need to use your mouse then search for the shortcut keys which can replace the use of the mouse. In this manner, you can learn many computer shortcut keys.

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