The Best Computer Speakers in 2020 | Complete Review

Computer Speakers

The best computer speakers make your home office even better. These versatile speaker sets often amplify the tin sounds emanating from the laptop and require clear audio from the desktop without having to wear headphones all day.

Computer speakers can instantly change your range whether you are a music producer who wants to listen to your tracks at full resolution or someone who enjoys watching movies on their PC or Mac.

And as most of us are working and learning from home these days, you need a reliable alternative to listening to conference calls, zoom lessons, and webinars.

The best computer speakers are especially suitable for people who work on laptops because laptop speakers are very sharp and do not bring out the best in your favorite music, shows, and games.

And if you are building or buying a desktop, a pair of speakers must be complete. Read on for our pics to find the right computer speakers for your needs.

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1. Q Acoustics 3020i

Our top choice for the best computer speakers is the Q Acoustics 3020i for impeccable sound reproduction and beautiful design.

The frequency spectrum is well represented, with the boss leading the sound brigade; Kick snails and drum thunder. You capitalize on the instruments along with the excellent division when choosing the finer subtleties in orchestral recording.

Build quality is another feature of the 3020i, ranging from the curved unibody frame to the many sexy finishes (graphite gray, English walnut, carbon black or arctic white) that come with the speaker.

These are not speakers you want to have in deep cabinets, as they sit more neatly next to the Apple Mac Pro or Microsoft Surface Studio.

You can put them on the stand, you have to be more creative with the speaker placement and enjoy the stereo sound at ear level.


Gentle, wealthy son.

Beautiful handicraft.

Enough boss.

Relatively compact and inexpensive.


Not really suitable for enclosed spaces.

2. Audioengine HD3 Computer Speakers.

Audioengine’s reputation for producing premium speakers with precise sound is unmistakable.

HD3 is a testament to the fact that stellar audio is made to dominate music and movies. Wired speakers are known to provide a better audio experience, but these Bluetooth-speakers exceed expectations. Mids are clear and high, giving great clarity and detail to the tone.

The wireless range is constant and at the same time, there is no reduction. How well the sound plays in the headphone jack, because listening with over-the-ear preserves the great performance of the HD3. Having a built-in DAC and amp also increases the value of the HD3.

Our only complaint is that the audio engine made it easier on the lower end. You get a good oomph from drivers when listening to the boss-dominating track, but don’t expect to blow a hole through the roof of your college dormitory.


Crystal Clear Sound.

Built-in DAC and headphones amp.

Good design.

Strong wireless performance.


Not for boss lovers.

3. Creative GigaWorks T20.

You do not have to spend a ton to get a good tone. Creative Gigaworks T20 Series II Most computer speakers are better than under $ 100 and the 9 x 5.6 x 3.5-inch satellites provide balanced treble and bass.

You can adjust the bass and treble levels on the right satellite and it also provides a 3.5mm input in front of the headphone out and right speaker.

However, the system does not produce the best sound and it does not have Bluetooth – if those things are important, you want to spend more.



Good boss and three times the price.

Simple installation process.


Weak voice.

No Bluetooth

4. Klipsch Fives Computer Speakers.

The five-speaker system looks like you found it in your grandparents’ study, but it’s only retro about these speakers. Even without the subwoofer, these monitors explode powerful, balanced sound to create a great listening experience while enjoying music, movies, games, and video games.

The details in the handicraft are recognizable as displayed by the aluminum dial sitting on the top right channel to allow the joints to switch between multiple connections. There is also output to connect to turntables; We recommend checking out our best USB turntables roundup to find some suitable pairs.

All of that shelling comes at a cost of size. As you can see by the dimensions, the Five is not really a pair of computer speakers that are fixed on any small desk, so you may want to free up some space before you get to your door.


Stellar Sound Signature.

Beautiful design and control.

Lots of connection options.

Can be combined with most turntables.


Large scale size.


There are three things to consider when choosing the best computer speaker for your setup: sound quality, additional features, and price.

Sound quality is a moving goal, but in general: cheaper, less detailed systems provide better sound quality, but the sound-transmission is not as granular, and the volume is sometimes not as large. More expensive, more elaborate systems offer richer treble, deeper bass, and a more important voice.

Large pair of speakers should not allow you to choose between three elements of sound; Everything should be balanced.

Expensive speakers have standard additional features, but cheaper models may also have them. The most common additional feature is discrete bass/treble control, but you may also have remote controls, wireless functionality, and RGB lighting.

None of these things are absolutely necessary, but they do make your life a lot easier, especially if you want to build your computer into an audio powerhouse.

Finally, the price is very self-explanatory. Like most gadgets, expensive speakers use good components and thus deliver good quality. On the other hand, sometimes you are paying for more material than style, so check the reviews whenever possible before you buy.


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