‘Blade Runner’ Actor, Rutger Hauer, Dies at 75

The rugged Dutch actor, Rutger Hauer who starred in Ridley Scott’s 1982 sci-fi classic Blade Runner, as renegade replicant leader Roy Batty dies at 75.

Steve Kenis, his agent, told Reporter that in the Netherlands, on Friday Hauer died at his home of an undisclosed illness. Until his funeral which was held Wednesday, his family did not want the news revealed.

Kenis said, ‘He was a wonderful man as well as a terrific actor’.

Rutger Hauer made his Hollywood debut in Nighthawks (1981) opposite Sylvester Stallone and went on to emerge on the big screen in such films as The Osterman Weekend (1983), The Hitcher (1986), Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1992), Confessions of a Dangerous Mind (2002), Sin City (2005), Batman Begins (2005), Hobo With a Shotgun (2011), and The Sisters Brothers (2018).

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on Jan. 23, 1944, in Breukelen just south of Amsterdam, Rutger Olsen Hauer born and he was the son of actors. In the year 1969, he began his career on the Dutch TV series Floris, which was directed by Paul Verhoeven who then cast him in Turkish delight and Soldier of Orange.

In Germany, Turkish Delight ‘played subsequently to Cabaret and Last Tango in Paris, and it outplayed them’. And In February 2018, Hauer told THR’s Scott Roxborough.

‘At first, I could not understand it. Looking back, it was the beginning of the sexual revolution, and I was on the cusp of that. For three-quarters of the film, I am naked. 25 years later I saw it, in the Directors Guild [theater]. And the viewers were still shocked. I come from Holland. We were not shocked.’

In the film, Hauer played a sculptor which was chosen for the foreign-language Oscar.

With his turn as Batty, he truly made a name for himself and the character’s ‘Tears in the Rain’ speech which he improvised in the original Blade Runner.

In 2017, co-screenwriter David Webb Peoples told, ‘Rutger read that speech and then go on with a pair of lines about memories in the rain’. ‘And then like a naughty little boy he looked at me like he was checking to observe if the writer was going to be disturbed. I didn’t consent to that I was upset, but at the time, I was a little saddened and threatened by it.

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‘Afterward, watching the movie, that was an amazing contribution of Rutger’s, that line regarding tears in the rain. It is extremely beautiful.’

In Wolfgang Petersen’s Das Boot (1981), Hauer said he turned down a role to work on Blade Runner, which he noted ‘was not about the replicants, it was regarding what it means to be human?’ The late Philip K. Dick, whose novel provided as the basis for the film, called the actor ‘the perfect Batty – Aryan, cold, flawless.’

In 1988, Hauer also won a Golden Globe for his good performance on the TV film Escape From Sobibor and recurred as the mystic creature Niall Brigant on HBO’s True Blood. He was known as an AIDS awareness activist and an environmentalist. Survivors include Ineke, his wife they met in 1968 and were married in the year 1985.