Data security: A Free Course to Learn Everything and Learn How to be Well Protected

Data security is an area that seems so vast and complex that we can quickly feel lost when it comes to knowing what to do, in concrete terms, to protect our business (and also to avoid certain pitfalls in a personal capacity).

To help you take stock of your knowledge and adopt good reflexes, ANSSI (National Information Systems Security Agency) has launched the “ SecNum académie ”, a MOOC which will remain free until the month of ‘April 2019.

At the end of this course, you will be able to obtain a certificate of achievement (not certifying) if you validate the four modules and if you correctly answer the questions of the last quiz.

What is the content of the course?

First module: an overview of IT security

It is important to start at the beginning

This module will therefore present you with a complete panorama of the digital universe: the technology, the opportunities, the security risks (the main attacks and their consequences), the organizations and the experts of safety, best practices to strengthen your protection, your responsibility as a business manager like AnimeSprout

Second module: authentication from A to Z

To ensure that only the right people can access the data, there are some precautions to take. In this module, you will discuss in particular the risks associated with passwords, tips for choosing and remembering your password, the use of encryption, etc.

Third module: strengthen your security on the web

It is about learning how to react well to the dangers of the Internet: identify reliable sources of files from the web, avoid being trapped by ransomware, manage cookies, prepare for threats targeting the mailbox (es). electronic (s), understand the role of https …

Fourth module: securing the workstation, including when on the move

The last part of the training, this module is intended to understand all the dangers associated with the workstation: installing and updating applications, using security software properly, backing up the content of each device, securing all removable devices, etc.

Why register?

In the age of GDPR, it is important to learn about cybersecurity. In addition, even beyond the “obligation” side, knowing the main attacks / risks and knowing how to react will save you a lot of trouble check here ( Kissanime )…

The interest of this MOOC is its pragmatic and educational approach . There are quite a few concrete cases that will speak to you more than theoretical content (some white papers / guides on the subject remain hopelessly abstract). There are also animations and videos which make the course more interactive and lively. Finally, a quiz at the end of each module makes it possible to check that the topics covered have been understood.

Allow around 32 hours of work for the entire training (= 6.40 hours per module) but you can follow the courses at your own pace. The content will remain online for 3 years.

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