Top 3 Essential Peripherals For PC Gaming

PC Gaming has become a massive industry these days. And the community of PC gamers is increasing day by day. That is because nowadays, most of the people own a PC, and playing games on them can help you reduce your stress or take breaks between your overwhelming daily tasks.

Take me for an example; I got my first PC when I was 15 years old,  it was meant to help me in my studies. And I’ve started playing games on it to take breaks between my assignments.

I know it can get frustrating, when you are trying to play games (either online or offline), and you are not getting the feel of the game. It can end up increasing your stress. However, there are a few essential peripherals you can get that can help you get better or feel better in your gaming.

Gaming Keyboard

If you are a PC gamer and you don’t have a right mechanical keyboard, then what are you doing?

A mechanical gaming keyboard is heavy are durable keyboards that can last long with you.  But that’s not the main point here.

A good mechanical keyboard has less input lag than a standard keyboard, ending up giving you good reflexes. Now reflexes are essential for gamers to work on, especially in games requires fast handwork, especially in FPS games like Warzone. Because of their responsive keystrokes, they are easy to type on. And they can give excellent comfort and precision while using them. Not only in games, but they can also help you increase your typing speed as well.

A PC gamer should consider getting a good mechanical keyboard because it can help them greatly in their games, especially competitive gaming.

Gaming Headphone

A good gaming headphone is a must for a gamer, not only for PC gamers but also for every platform. To put it simply, A gaming headphone can give you the detailed sound of the surroundings in your game world.

However, there is a difference between a gaming headset and a headphone, and you should know what you are getting before buying anything.

A gaming headphone is made to give you enjoyable gaming experience. It provides good positional accuracy of the sound that is produced around you in games. It helps you locate your opponents in games by hearing their footsteps with ease. Also, the detailed sound gives you a good feel as if you are in the game.

Also if you are looking to buy a good gaming headset for your gaming, then you can check some here.

Gaming Mouse

What is the difference between a regular mouse and a gaming mouse? That’s simple, A regular mouse is made to point or drag things on your computer, while on the other hand a gaming mouse is made after keeping many gaming factors in mind that can you increase your chance of winning.

First of all, A gaming mouse has less input lag than the average mouse, which means your actions will be picked up by computer faster. The difference between the input lag of both mice can of very little time (like in milliseconds), but it can give you an upper hand than your opponent if you have less input lag, especially in competitive gaming. Well, if you have less budget, you can get the best mouse under 500 for your normal usage.

Now there are a few things you should know before getting a gaming mouse. First is DPI, which stands for Dots per inch. In simple words, it is the speed of the cursor. A good gaming mouse usually gives the user an option to change DPI according to their need. And most of the Gaming mice have a small button below the scroll button to change DPI.

You must be thinking that you can change the speed of cursor from windows settings too, so what’s so special about it? I’ll try to answer that question in simple wordings. If you increase the speed of the cursor from the windows settings, then it is not going to be smooth. And it can mess up your gaming performance without you knowing the main problem.

Also, you should check before how many buttons do you need on a mouse. Gaming mice come in different variations, some of them have up to 6 buttons, and others have only three buttons (Scroll button included). Well, it depends on your personal preference. A gaming mouse that I use has five buttons, and I’ve set those all with the functions in games and helps me save a lot of time.


In conclusion, These are the few things that you should consider getting for you to get excellent gaming experience. Not only that, but they can also increase your chances of winning your games. Because all of these peripherals helps you a lot in many different ways.

Not only for gaming, these peripherals can also help you greatly in work PC based works.



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