Five Tips To Strengthen Today’s Critical Home Network

The Nobel pandemic has changed our lives to a great extent. It has affected not only our way of living and working but also our state of mind. Humans are curious by nature and impatient, which is why we are always in a rush and want everything to be faster. Despite the change in the conditions and environment, we still urge to get things more quickly, such as our internet connections that have become a crucial part of our lifestyles. 

Now, internet connection has become the new oil and is being used as a fuel to connect worldwide, so the better the oil, the finer the connectivity will be. Though India is ranked 10 out of 85 countries in internet affordability and 83 out of 85 countries in internet quality, managing with whatever we are getting, we always desire to excel in the grade before. 

So below are five excellent tips that can help you strengthen your critical home network to make it a bit more fit for an office or school-like environment. 

Place the router in a suitable position 

Router plays the leading role in providing us an internet connection, so it should be taken into primary consideration. Many times the reason for a bad or poor internet connection maybe the location of the router. Beacon interval also plays a role here. Check out ( to find out more.

Placing the router in a corner may lead to a poor internet connection, so it must be ensured that it is kept somewhere in the center of the room so that the radio waves emitted by the router reach the desired devices. Keeping the router in a corner can lead the emitted radio waves to travel outside of your house, which may be one reason for poor connection. 

While placing the router, barriers such as walls must also be avoided, as substances like bricks and cement block the connection by absorbing the radio waves. You can experience the lack of network in old homes due to the walls and roof’s fat layers. Places like Kitchen must also be avoided as the mirrors, metal utensils, etc. placed in the Kitchen are also sound absorbers of radio waves.

Not only this, the antenna of the router must be pointing to the massive internet requirement devices, or if the router has two antennas, one must be kept vertically and the other horizontally so that it can cover maximum area. In case there is necessary to keep the router in a fixed position and find a dead spot in your Wi-Fi coverage, you can use a Wi-Fi extender to cope with it.

Connect To 5Ghz On Your Router 

Another way to strengthen the home network is to check your network’s administrator interface and make sure that it is configured to optimal performance. This can be simply ensured by changing the signal frequency to 5GHz rather than the usual 2.4 GHz. 

The primary difference between these two frequencies is that 5GHz provides faster internet connection within shorter distances, whereas 2.4GHz offers coverage of large spaces at lower speeds. So, switching to a high frequency will not only help you with a better connection, but it is also likely to get less interference at these frequencies.

Set The Channel Selection To Automatic

People living in densely populated areas always experience a non-avoidable issue that is of network interference. Signals from other wireless networks can impact and hamper your connection to a great extent. Most of us have played with walkie-talkies in our childhood; remember how the channel’s units must be the same to hear each other’s voice and how, if differed, one could listen to others’ conversation. 

It is somewhat the same case here too. If you choose a frequency and coincidentally, if your neighbors’ frequency matches with it, there will be a lot of congestion followed by network problems. This can be managed most of the time by setting the channel to Automatic, as the modern routers are smart enough to choose a channel with a less congested.

Update The Firmware Of Your Router

Like your smartphones and computers, your router, too, need regular software updates so that the loopholes in your router connections and securities can be checked regularly. It not only checks the vulnerabilities but also enhances your router’s performance. 

Router manufacturers are always improving software to provide you with a bit better speed. So, regularly updating your router’s software also helps you to boost the network.

Be Aware Of Wi-fi Intruders

The problem often doesn’t lie with the router, or it’s a range but is some external cause due to which you may face poor network connection. This sort of issue is often encountered due to intruders trying to hack or hacking your Wi-Fi connections. 

To be safe from such malicious acts, you can regularly change your router’s Service Set identifier (SSID) name and password. The manufacturer’s default SSID name and password must be changed as these can be easily guessed by knowing your router’s manufacturers. The SSID name and password should not be set as your necessary information, too, as it leads to easy accessibility.

There are many more tips that can be helpful; these being the basic ones will help you to suffer less daily.