95+ Gmail shortcut keys – How to activate?

We all use Gmail in our daily life for personal or business purposes. It is an integral part of our digital life. There are more than 95 Gmail shortcut keys you can use to save your time and work efficiently. Because Google is trying to make it more effective and easier to use. They are constantly improving Gmail.
Given below are the tables of Gmail shortcut keys with different Categories and Navigate to the end of the page to Activate Gmail shortcut keys.

Compose and Chat shortcuts

These shortcut keys can be used to chat and compose mails. I will boost up your mailing process. You must try them.

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Formatting Shortcut keys

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Jumping Shortcut Keys

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Threadlist Selection Shortcuts

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Action Shortcut Keys

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Hangouts Shortcut Keys

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Application Shortcut Keys

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Navigation Shortcut Keys

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How to activate Gmail Shortcut keys?

  • First login to your Gmail account.
  • Click on the Settings icon and tap on settings.

  • Then scroll down and search for “Keyboard Shortcuts”.
  • Now click on “Keyboards shortcuts on”

  • And then finally scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on”Save changes”.
  • You have successfully enabled shortcut keys for Gmail for desktop.

Tip: How to learn it?

Learning these shortcut keys may be difficult. But you don’t have to. I know most the shortcut keys of it but even I didn’t learn them. You may follow my trick.

Just look at 4-5 shortcut keys from this list which you need most. And use them always instead of using a mouse. Since it becomes your habit then you will automatically learn them. If you forget the keys, then bookmark this page and read the shortcut keys again. And make it your habit of using shortcut keys.

Shortcut keys can significantly increase your speed and well as confidence. You will fill like a pro in front of your friends.

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