How do I Change the Username of My Facebook Page?

Learn how to change business name on Facebook and appeal to Mark Zuckerberg’s company, in case it is rejected.

When creating a Facebook page, in the configuration you must choose a Name and a User Name for it.

Many people do not stop to fill in that information accurately and go ahead with the creation of the page. What generates, over time, the need to change that data.

Another case that usually occurs is when the page is first created, later a domain is registered for the website and these do not match, making communication and brand recall difficult. Also when accounts are opened on other social networks and the desired name is not available. What makes us have to add a letter, word, acronym or symbol to create a variant and be able to obtain the new profile.

We always recommend that before creating profiles and pages on social networks, the availability of user names is checked, to achieve homogeneity and make it easier for people to find you on any platform.

It is also recommended that these names are the same as the domain of your website.

That said, let’s get down to business.

How do I change the Username of my Facebook Page?

Between the menu of your Facebook page – that on your computer you see on the left – you will find the ” Information ” tab. Upon entering, in the ” General ” section -under the map-, you will be able to edit the Category, Name and Username.

What is the difference between Page Name and User Name?

The User Name will serve you fundamentally for two things:

  • To define the URI of your page on Facebook. Eg mycompany
  • So that they tag you when they mention you in a post or comment.

I highlight in bold ” mycompany ” but remember that you can be a public figure, a media outlet, a web page, etc.

The Page Name -or Name just-,  will be visible in:

  • the browser tab.
  • under the profile picture – just above your username – on the left of your page.

How long does it take to change the Username of my Page?

The change can occur within a few hours or in a maximum of 3 days.

However, it may happen that the new name has nothing to do with the one you already had. Well, for you maybe yes, but not for Facebook.

In that case, you will receive a notice that the change will not be made.

Facebook rejected my request to change the User, what should I do?

Not to despair, that you can appeal that decision of the platform.

You can reply to the message and explain why the change. If you don’t do it in that same message, you will have to do it later, so I recommend that you attach all the necessary information to argue your case.

They will request a commercial certificate, articles of incorporation, website and everything that you consider to be relevant proof so that it is clear that the change is justified and is not a hoax.

Why would it be a hoax?

Facebook does not welcome your taking advantage of the tool and the possibility of correcting the configuration data, to deceive or defraud other people. A security measure, after all.

Recently, just by attaching to the appeal response a letterhead from the director of the company and the URI of the official website (scanned and in pdf), I approved the change for a client page.


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