How to access your PC with any other device?

If you use PC on a regular basis then you might have wished to control your own or your friend’s PC with any other device. And you know? It is quite easy than it seems to be. There are just a few steps to do it.

In this post, I am going to tell you two ways of doing so. One is to access your PC with other PC and second to access your PC with your Mobile phone.

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How to access PC screen with Phone

There are several software and extensions for it like TeamViewer. But I like to use “Chrome Remote Desktop”

This is a software and extension by Google Chrome. It is fast and easy to use. No need to download any heavy or large software on your system. Follow these steps to access your PC from another PC.

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PC settings

  • Open google chrome.
  • Go to the URL bar and type ‘‘.
  • Now scroll down and click on ‘Get Started’.
  • Now click on the download button.
  • It will redirect you to the chrome web store.
  • On the pop, screen click on add extension.

How to access your PC from Smartphone

  • Now get back to the previous page(remote desktop).
  • And set a name and a PIN for your system.

Now grab your mobile phone and follow these steps but do not shut down your PC and make sure PC is connected to an internet connection:

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Mobile phone settings

  • Go to Play Store and search for Chrome Remote Desktop or click here.
  • Install the application and run it.
  • Now login with the same Gmail id used in your PC while adding the extension. (in case you have several Gmail id, you must log in with the same Gmail id).
  • Now you can see your PC listed here.
  • The icon would be blue if the system is online.
  • Tap on it and enter the PIN to connect it to your system.

Now you can see your PC screen on your phone. You can toggle between two option i.e, tap mode or click mode.

How to access your PC from Smartphone

Note: You can access your PC on your phone with logged-in devices only. But the next method can help you to access your PC screen with any other PC.

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How to share a screen with another PC?

You can share your PC screen with another PC (say with your friend) with this method.

And Secret Tip: It is easier than the previous method.

First, ask your friend to follow the same steps of ‘PC settings’ in the previous method. Once he has added Chrome Remote desktop extension in his Chrome follow these steps.

  • Now again visit ‘’. There are two options “Remote Access” and second is “Remote Support”.
  • And now tap on the Support option.
  • Again there are two Options “Get support” and “Give support”.
  • If you want to share your PC screen with your friend then you have to click on generate code under Get Support and ask your friend to enter that code in Give Support.
  • And vice versa if you want to access your friend’s PC screen.

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