How To Design A Perfect Homepage That Ranks On Google

However huge a company is, or however much the company invests in various sectors, designing a perfect homepage that ranks on Google’s top listings is pretty much everyone’s concern and question. The question might seem to have a complicated explanation that would require companies to have hired professionals to tackle it, but the answer is quite simple. The precise answer to it is, in a single word, relevance.

All that Google wants in a page to get ranked on the search engine’s top listings is relevance. Google only looks at if the page has got whatever it has promised to have, and does not have a ton of other keywords that are not relevant to the actual page in itself. A page that delivers exactly what the user asked for in it gets ranked higher automatically.



The Perfect Homepage


Now that you know that relevance is the key, how do you achieve it? That isn’t as hard as you think it would be. All you have to do is excite your audience or users or customers with your intriguing content satisfying their exact needs. The more time your users spend on your page, viewing, reading, or maybe even exploring, the higher you get ranked on Google. 


The more the users find what they want on your page, the more time they spend on your page, and the more they click on your page, the more clicks. Thus, your page must be as relevant as possible to your keyword. So, it is essential to put the right keywords on your page.

Target Audience

On this concern, comes the 99% rule. If 99% of your target audience, that is, the people who you would want to view your page and get engaged with it, would use a particular keyword, then use it on your page. In the same way, if 99% of your target audience would not use a specific keyword, then DO NOT use the keyword. 


Your objective is to get your page ranked as high as possible, and by adding irrelevant keywords, you are risking your credibility, and thus your rank. Restrict yourself to using only the most relevant four or five keywords, rather than a long list of them. 


Adding many peripheral keywords would only bring in temporary traffic and minimize your credibility as most users would not want to stay on your page that doesn’t precisely answer their search because they aren’t your target audience. They are only misguided users that come to your page accidentally and wouldn’t want to carry on surfing on a page that does not correspond to them.

Essential Features

To attract 99% of your target audience, you will have to make sure that your page has these three essential aspects – 

  1. What they are searching for, 
  2. What keywords they use, and
  3. What they want to find. 


You have to point out the most vital points of your business that would attract more of your target audience. For instance, if you are to feed one poor person for each of your sales, mention that on your homepage. 


You have to make sure you draw more customers who buy your product or idea and make sure that none of your potential customers leave your site without buying it. You have to make sure 99% of your users close with a call to action. You may want to use customer testimonials to build your new audience’s trust in your service. 


If you are new and have no testimonials, encourage users to write reviews to help you create a more user-friendly platform. Make your home page mobile-friendly, that is, make it compatible with mobiles, tablets, and laptops. For this step, you may also take help from the free mobile testing tools offered by Google. Also, to make your users stay on your page long, make navigation on your site simple. Just minimizing your navigation buttons from five to three precise ones would considerably impact your website’s traffic.


Once you have the right, relevant keywords and get the right audience, that is in search of what your site has to offer, flowing into your page, you get placed on Google’s listings as a test, as a result of which, you get more of the right traffic on your page. You can check these FreeAccountsOnline for more interesting articles.


If people understand precisely what they are looking for, they stay on your page for a longer time, and Google will rank you higher on its listings for your credibility. Now your page will get more traffic from Google’s ranking and also through word of mouth from your satisfied audience. 


With all these in place, your goal to have a homepage that gets ranked on Google is not far out of reach. Interestingly, you do not need to hire a person who knows SEO to do all this. You only need to be Relevant.