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Do you also have an app idea in your brain? But you do not have any idea that how to make an app? Then you are at right place. In this Guide, I will try to tell you how to make an app. Creating an application may be a little bit tricky but it is not so much hard. With some efforts and hard work, you can create your own application and you can even place your application on Play Store. If you know app making then you can earn a good amount of money just sitting on the table of your home.

Read this post thoroughly I recommend you to read each and every line because it is very important to know everything about creating an application.
Here I am going to tell you two ways of creating an application.


How to Make An App Without Coding

You may want to create your own app but you do not how to make an app without writing codes.  Means you don’t know any programming language like Java, C++, HTML and many more. But you still want to create your own app. Then you can make an app on your own with the following method.

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There is much software where you can create your own application without any knowledge of programming languages. You can just take a tutorial of “how to make an app” on the software, practice for a couple of weeks and you can create App. This method of creating applications is known as visual programming. Many developers create an application in this way and they even got success. They are earning a good amount of money from their applications.
One such website to create an app is Bubble.

On this website, you can make your own application without any use of programming languages. Bubble community provides you a tutorial for using their website. They have a list of the interactive tutorial to create an application with their website. So go ahead and use the website and spend some time on tutorials to get knowledge. After practicing a while you can start creating your own application. In starting you may not create any brilliant App but as you practice more you can create amazing applications. You must start by creating small applications like simple input and output application.

There are many other websites for creating applications like AppyPieBuzztouch, AppMakr, etc. But I love bubble most you can try any of the websites they all are awesome.


Everything has some advantages and some drawbacks. It has also some drawbacks.

You can create almost any type of application with these websites but suppose if you are not happy with any feature of the website then you can not change the feature. Because these things are predefined but their developing community. Although you may not face such a problem if you are making a normal level application. But if you are creating very complicated application then you may face that problem.

Although the website provides you the maximum flexibility to create your applications it cannot provide you 100% flexibility to create your application.

Also, if their website has been hacked or the server is temporarily down, then you cannot create your application on that moment.

“If you want to be a professional app developer or Android developer then you must opt for programming language but if you just want to create your some applications or you just have a little bit passionate about creating applications then you can spend your time on these websites.”

With Coding

If you know programming languages or even any one of the programming language like Java, C, C++, kotlin, etc. Then you can create any type of application you want. You just need an environment to create your application. You need a place to write your code and create the layout of your application.
This method may be a little bit tricky but believe me, it is best.


If you have really a passion for creating an application and you know a programming language. Then can create your application with many programming languages like Java, Kotlin, C++and some other.

make an app with android studio
  • Go ahead and install the software. If you are having any problem regarding installation then click here for the Android studio user guide.
  • Once you have installed Android studio start it.
Creating your application can be divided into two parts:
  • Layouting your app
  • Programming your app

Firstly you have to set the layout of your app. It means how your app will look like. For example setting buttons, text boxes, etc. Setting up these things is called layouts. The code used for creating a layout is called XML. You write these codes in the activity_main tab.
XML is quite easy. A beginner can learn it within a week.

Read the guide by Android developers to learn XML. Then comes programming language. I will prefer Java. You have to write your programming code in MainActivity. Here you have to write the code for the functioning of your layout, buttons, etc. This part is a little bit tricky in starting but with some practice, you can understand everything.


While working on the Android studio you are going to face too many errors and bugs in your application. You are even going to face unwanted crashes in your apps but slowly you will learn them also.

Make an app with android studio

These are not any drawbacks if seen from another side. Because of these errors, bugs, and crashes occur due to mistake or errors in your code. Although your code may have no syntax error. But it may be a logical error. These are the challenges you have to overcome while creating an application. But you will learn everything Slowly.
And there is a proverb:

Slow and steady wins the race.


You Can create an application with many methods but I personally recommend you to first learn a programming language especially Java for creating applications. Then I will recommend you to develop your application through the android studio. Because
1. It is more powerful
2.Vast guide by android developers on android studio.
3. You can get help from stack overflow also.
4. It will make you feel like a real android developer
Create your app and ask your friends to give a review on your application and finally you will succeed in achieving your goal.

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