How To Secure Your Wi-Fi Router And Protect Your Home?

In recent years, the world has seen exponential growth in the fields of infrastructure development, industrial development, healthcare, technical advancements, and whatnot. These developments have made human lives easier and comfortable. Back in the 1990s, Burner’s Lee invented the Internet, which just revolutionized the technological era. 


Everything and anything, available right at our fingertips, was made possible by the Internet. Only then, in the year 1998, humankind was gifted with yet another invention of ‘Wi-Fi.’ Wi-Fi- A form of wireless networking technology, which uses radio waves for providing wireless high-speed Internet. 

If one wants a hassle-free experience, Wi-Fi routers came into the market, such that they could be installed at any place such as home, office, etc., and using this article from router to access your internet securely to enjoy personal internet connection.

Although these advancements in science and technology came pretty fast, as the saying goes, ‘With every boon comes a curse.’ The use of the Internet eased our lives but also made us vulnerable to cyber-attacks, cyberbullying, and whatnot. In today’s era, we humans have become more tech-savvy, our lives revolve around gadgets, various types of devices which intend to minimize human effort. 

Most of the gadgets and tools we use today require an internet connection. Almost every house, every office, practically everywhere, Wi-Fi networks are in use. In this digital era, gadgets such as mobiles, tablets, television, computers, etc. have become an essential part of our lives. Each of these devices requires an internet connection, and our increasing dependency on these devices, with an internet connection, has exposed us to a lot of security issues.

Most people are unaware of the risks. It is essential to ensure that these devices should run on a secure Wi-Fi network. In today’s dog-eat-dog world, hackers are always keen to take an edge of any blunder in the security. If somehow, your home network is not secure, the hackers may breach and gain access to your system, leaving your personal and financial information at stake. So if you want to prevent any breach into your Wi-Fi network, it is imperative to secure it.

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How To Secure Your Wi-Fi Router

The Password Trick

Yes, you read it right, ‘The Password trick,’ one of the first steps to secure your Wi-Fi routers. Once you buy the router, the first thing you should do is to change the default username and password, which is provided by the service provider. The password you choose should be a unique one, so the hackers may find it difficult for any breach. It is also necessary that you should keep on changing the password from time-to-time, thus keeping your network secure.


By using encryption, the information can be converted into a code, to prevent any unauthorized access, thus keeping your home Wi-Fi network safe from any breach. To ensure this, the most trusted form of encryption is WPA2. So, it is always advisable to use your Wi-Fi router with the WPA2 encryption. It gives you enhanced security and keeps your network safe.

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Hiding Your Network

When you buy your Wi-Fi router, and you begin setting it up, you will be getting a popup about creating a publically visible network, technically known as the SSID. Trust me, and you shouldn’t make it publically visible. If at all you make it visible, your system becomes a target for the hackers, again making you vulnerable to cyber-attacks. 

Each order is identified by a name, which is nothing but an SSID, and with all the free network detection software available, the hackers can easily see all the Wi-Fi networks in an area. So to prevent any such thing, SSID hiding is a unique feature, which will allow you to hide your network name in the surrounding area. So your network is no longer visible, and the hacker once again loses a chance to breach.


In technical terms, the firewalls are designed to prevent any unauthorized access from an external network. The Wi-Fi routers you buy usually comes along with a firewall network, which is generally built-in and is destined to protect and secure your home Wi-Fi network. So the routers you buy, it is necessary to ensure that the firewall protection is on, imposing additional security to your home network. 

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Turning Off The Router

This is also a solution to keep your home network safe and secure. If you are not using your Wi-Fi, then there’s no need that the router should be on. Usually, at night, especially when you’re about to sleep, you aren’t going to use the Wi-Fi. Hence it is advisable to turn your router off. The lesser time you keep your network on, the lower are the chances of any possible breach happening. Also, it is an excellent thing for the environment too, and so for your pocket, as you consume less electricity.

Position Of The Router

You literally won’t believe this, but the up position of the router in your home also plays a part in the security issues. If your Wi-Fi router is placed near the window, its signal is not uniform across the various rooms in your home. Thus it leads to a bad experience, having a router but no sign in some places! 

Its signal is more likely to be reaching way outside your home, thus making an easy catch for the hackers to interfere with it. So it is advisable to place the Wi-Fi router in the middle of the house, to enjoy proper connection across the house, and to limit its signal reach outside your home.

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Disabling Remote Access

The Wi-Fi routers available in the market today allow access from remote systems. That means, even if your devices aren’t connected to a router, remote access enables access to the router, thus possessing a noteworthy threat. You must turn the remote access feature off so that your network stays away from any data breach.

So to summarize, in today’s world, privacy is a myth, and so is security. These are abstract terms, and you never know how safe your network is. Wireless networks aren’t the most reliable, and there will always be a threat of cyber-attacks, data breaches, which would lead to a considerable risk of exposing your personal and financial stuff. 

So it should be one’s top priority to keep his/ her data safe and secure. It is just an attempt, although an eye-opener for all the individuals to remind them of following the above steps and stay away from falling prey to the hackers.

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