How to shutdown automatically without software

Hey! guys, you may have started a download on your pc. But unfortunately, you have to leave. So, can we schedule an automatic PC shutdown without any software in that case?

The answer is obviously yes. It is super easy. But how? Read further.

Shutdown PC with Command Prompt

If you are tech geek then must have used or heard about Command Prompt before. If not then you may want to  know:

“Command prompt interacts with the users through “Command-line interface”. it means there are no graphics like folders icon. You have to use commands in order to get your work done.”

So, now you may have a little idea about cmd. Let’s proceed with the question, How to automatically shutdown PC with command prompt?

you need to write 1 line only to get your work done. Follow the given directions:

Schedule automatic shutdown

  • Press start key and type “cmd” or “command prompt”. (Both will work)
  • A hacking box type will appear. This is cmd.
  • Now type “Shutdown /s /f /t XXXX“. (read below before hitting the enter key) and hit enter key.

Here Shutdown means you are giving a command to your system to initiate a task to shut down or log off or hibernate your system.

  • Then /s means to shut down the system. You can even use /r to restart the system or /l to log off.
  • Then /f means to force shut down. It will force shutdown your system when time is finished.
  • /t means that you want to set a timer to automatically shut down the system. If you do not enter the time, it will automatically be set to 1 min.
  • Enter the time on the place of “XXXX”. Most important, enter the time in seconds. If you want to shut down pc after 10 minutes then it means you have to enter “600”.

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EXAMPLE: Finally if you want to shut down your PC after 1 Hour enters the following command:

“shutdown /s /f /t 3600”

And hit enter. A notification will pop up about the schedule of PC shutdown. You can watch our video at the starting of the post.

How to abort the scheduled Shutdown?

When you have scheduled the time but you want to cancel it then there is another one-line command to abort the schedule:

Type “shutdown /a” and hit enter.

You will get notification about the abortion of the shutdown.

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