Make any folder invisible |Different from Hiding|

There are two ways to make a folder disappear. First, Just hide it. (How? know here). And second, make it invisible. Is it possible? Of course yes! Read our post and try it yourself!

Just follow our steps to do so!

What we are going to do?

We are going to do two simple tasks.

  • First, we are going to rename the folder to a blank space. (And it is not that easy)
  • Second, we are going to use a blank icon for the folder.

Please do not skip any part of the post to make it more clear. And this trick work for folders only.

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Renaming the folder

You may think at this point “what is the big deal about renaming a folder to a blank space?”. But just to inform you I want to say that you cannot rename any folder to ” ” (space). Don’t believe me? Give it a try yourself.

Then how to rename it.

What we are going to do is using “Alt codes for characters”. You may not know but you can type hundreds of characters by typing some numbers codes while pressing the “alt” key. (Confused, I will clear all)

Note: Before starting, make sure that you have side Numpad on your keyboard, if not then attach an external. Otherwise, it will not work. (Because many laptop keyboards do not have one)

  • Now, press and hold the “alt” key and now type “0160” on Numpad and then release the “alt” key.
  • You will see a blank space written. This is different than the usual “space bar”.
  • Now hit enter and finally, your folder is renamed as ” “.

There are some more “alt codes” on Wikipedia.

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Removing icon

We have successfully renamed the folder. Now it is the turn to remove the icon. It is very easy.

  • Right-click on the folder.
  • Go to properties.
  • Then go to the customize tab.
  • Now click on “change icon”.
  • Now choose the blank space icon (any one of the three).

  • Then hit enter.

Hurray! You have finally made the folder completely invisible.

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