5 ways to make money online – Best reliable methods

Every day you visit many websites or watch many videos. You may also have thought about earning money online. Most of the people think about the same, even some of them start to work but leaves the idea after a few days. Only some people continue and most of them get success.

If you are thinking that here you can make money online within 5-10 days then this post is not for you. If you have patience and you can work hard then you must read this post.

Initially, you may have less earning but if you work hard then you can make a good amount of money. You can make money online with several methods. I am writing about 5 best methods which are reliable.

1. YouTube

Everybody knows about this platform for earning money. Many YouTubers are earning a good amount of money from YouTube. YouTube can provide you lots of opportunities to make money online. Making your account is absolutely free. You may also start your YouTube channel now and upload videos.

Most of the people drop the idea of YouTube when they do not get any views on their videos. But this is not the problem. When you start a new channel fewer people know about it. Consequently, you get fewer videos.

But once you are regularly uploading good quality videos on YouTube, you will get traffic. It increases slowly. It will take some months to get some growth on your channel. And that can be the turning point.

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How to make money on YouTube

When you publish a video on YouTube, you do not get any money but when ads start appearing on your videos then your earning starts. You have to enable monetization option in your settings.

How to get Ads on video on YouTube?

You must be eligible to earn money on YouTube. Earlier if you have 10,000-lifetime views on your videos then you were eligible. But it encouraged many people to post misleading and vulgar videos to get views. So, YouTube updated its monetization rules.

Now, If you have 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of total watch time on your videos within 12 months then you are eligible. Don’t get afraid of these rules. If you have a good quality video then it can be achieved easily.

These rules were set to eliminate useless people and stuff from YouTube.

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2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a type of refer and earn market. Here you refer your friends, relatives or anyone to purchase anything from your link. In return, you get some commission on the purchase. The commission can vary from 2-15%. It depends on the purchase type.

If you have a good platform like any website or YouTube channel and you have good traffic then you can earn a good amount of money using this method. You can join Flipkart, Amazon and many other more websites for affiliate marketing.

For Example:

If you want to join Amazon then

  • Open browser like google chrome
  • Search for amazon affiliate program
  • Then click on the join now for free
  • Fill your details and start referring.

Similarly, you can affiliate on websites like Flipkart, eBay, Shopify etc.

3. Short Links

As the name suggests you have to shorten the links. But how do shortening of the link make money? The shortening of the link does not give you money but the websites which shorten your link give you money. Now the question is Why would they give you money for shortening your link.

Let us understand it properly.

Usually, the link of any website is very much longer. That is not even attractive. So if you want to shorten your link then you need a medium to do so. So there are several websites to do so like Adshrink, bit.ly, Linkvertise etc.

When you use their website to shorten your link then they shorten your link and add their website name in your link. For example, if you are using bit.ly then the shortened link would look like

You can see the difference. You can even make it shorter. The yellow-colored part is editable.

How Does It Work?

When anyone clicks on the shortened link then first they are directed to an advertisement and then the website appears after skipping the ad.

So before visiting the page user have to watch an advertisement. If you have good organic traffic then you can put shortened links there to earn money online. Too much advertisement makes the users uncomfortable and your traffic may reduce.

Try it now!

4. Fiverr

Fiverr is an online marketplace for freelance services. It means you get paid for providing services. You can sell and buy services on Fiverr.ย  There is a long list of services which you can offer and earn money. Given below is the list of some services available on Fiverr:

  • Logo design
  • Translation
  • Illustration
  • WordPress
  • Data Entry
  • Book Covers
  • Social media handling
  • Voice Over
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Intro and Outro making
  • Video editing
  • Whiteboard
  • Programming
  • Application Development

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This is a long list. If you are good at anything then visit Fiverr today and start earning.

Good News! You will get a minimum of $5 for any type of service you provide. You can even ask for more like$15, $100, $1500. Any amount according to the quality of your service.

Create an account on Fiverr first. Edit your profile. Tell about your experience and field. Provide some sample of your works so that anyone can visit that and order service if he/she likes it.

Payment can be made through Paypal, Direct Bank transfer or Fiverr revenue card. The payment is completely secure. You will get your money within 48 hours. Fiverr cut a small commission and the rest is sent to your account.

Do you also have any of the talents then try Fiverr now?

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5. Mix And Match

This is not any website or anything It means mixing all of the above methods and getting higher revenue.

If you have a good YouTube channel and you are getting nice traffic then you can do affiliate marketing on YouTube.


You can just put a small description of any product you used in the video then put a link in the description to purchase the product. Further, you can shorten the link. You can provide a service on Fiverr of providing traffic on something anyone wants.

So here you are earning many times in a single video. Firstly you are earning from youtube when anyone watches it. Secondly, if users are buying the product from your link. Thirdly when he clicks on the shortened link, he will be directed to an ad first.

If you have any good platforms like YouTube channel, Facebook page, Website then you can make money online by several methods.

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6. Google Opinion Rewards*

*Note: This method is not counted as a reliable method of earning money online because it depends on how frequently you get surveys. If you do not get surveys, you earn no money. And also the reward is different each time. Further, you can only spend this money on the Google Play Store only. But still, You can purchase movies, ebooks, music, games, and in-app purchases also.

Google opinion rewards is an application by Google LLC which can be installed on your smartphone from play store. Or just click here. In this application, you will get some surveys of consisting some questions maximum of 4-5 questions. Don’t worry these are not G.K questions. The questions do not contain any wrong or right answers. It is just about your opinion.

They may ask you questions like:

Which of the following products you have used in the last 1 month? or How likely you will recommend this application to your friend?

Questions are simple but the rewards are exciting. I got a minimum of 3 rupees and a maximum of 19 rupees for 4-5 questions only. It hardly takes one minute.

You must try it today! So far I have earned 450 rupees.

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