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What is MSBI Online Training? : 

MSBI (Microsoft Business Intelligence) is one in all the tools associated with the database side. This tool is employed for several functions currently like generating the reports, dumping the data from one tool to another tool. BI stands for Business Intelligence, ASTS Training is composed of tools which help in providing the best solutions for Business Intelligence Queries. Let’s go into the depth of this MSBI Online Training with an example. BI containing up-to-date information for better decision making in an organization. Microsoft Business Intelligence offers different tools for different processes and is required for BI Solutions.

MSBI comes with 3 internal tools and technologies :

SSIS: (SQL Server Integration Services)This tool is used for integration like duping the data from one database to another like from Oracle to SQL Server or from Excel to SQL Server etc. This tool is also used for bulk transactions in the database like inserting lacs of records at once. We can create the integration services modules which will do the job for us.

SSAS: (SQL Server Analysis Services)This tool is used to analyze the performance of the SQL server in terms of load balancing, heavy data, transaction, etc. So it is more or less related to the administration of the SQL Server using this tool. This is a very powerful tool and through this, we can analyze the data inserting into the database like how many transactions happen in a second, etc.

SSRS(SQL Server Reporting Services)This tool is related to the generation of the report. This is a very efficient tool as it is platform-independent. We can generate the report using this tool and can use it in any type of application. Nowadays this is very popular in the market.

 BI Benefits:- 

  Business Intelligent will always help in every field whether a market place, saving time, increasing revenue, etc..

  • We can analyze taste and customer behavior. which can enhance your business and decision making power.
  • As analysis is mainly done on a huge volume of data. The historical data will make sure that we got the correct result.
  • Improve efficiency using forecasting. It can analyze data to see where your business has been, where it is going, and where it is now
  • Complex Business queries were solved with a single click and at a faster rate which saves lots of time.

Steps involved in BI end to end Solution are:-

  • Loaded data was analyzed for BI engagement.
  • Get insight into customer behavior
  • Identify up-selling opportunities and cross-selling opportunities
  • By eliminating accurate historical data

Don’t panic after looking at these complex words. The meaning of Business Intelligence to a large extend. we will discuss the concepts of BI suite – SSIS, SSAS, SSRS in our Tutorials.


ASTS Training offers MSBI Training with an in-depth Practical approach towards SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), Analysis Services (SSAS), and Reporting Services (SSRS). An impeccable training course that is exclusively designed with Basics through Advanced MSBI Concepts. Study Material, Practice Material Certification, and Interview Guidance are provided along with one Realtime Project to demonstrate the Life Cycle of MSBI workflow. All our training sessions are Completely Practical.

By providing MSBI training, ASTS Training is standing as the No:1 training provider in both corporate & retail industries. We do have batches on all days a week in all timings. We are also known for our Online training classes. Our trainers are well experienced and Microsoft certified experts and we are limiting the batch size to give better knowledge to all the students.

ASTS Training, the best Microsoft BI Training Institute by maintaining excellency in course syllabus comparing to any other institutes in Chennai. Business Intelligence (BI) which is also called a Decision Support System (DSS) is a powerful tool for extracting raw data and transforms it into meaningful and useful information for an end-user. Getting trained in Business Intelligence will improve your career in handling and processing huge/bulk data transmission. You will be trained on SQL Server Intelligence Service(SSIS), SQL Reporting Server (SSRS), and SQL Analysis Service (SSAS), which provides a strong foundation on Business Intelligence to shine and compete with others within an organization.

We are the Leading MSBI real-time training institute also offer the best MSBI training with real-time study material and guarantee classes that make you a Microsoft BI professional.


SIX Weeks Course. One Free DEMO.

Total Course Fee:

INR 12000 (Payable in installments).

Fixed Timings as Trainer is a working IT Professional.


During this Microsoft Business Intelligence [MSBI] training program, you will dive into Designing an ETL Solution Architecture Using Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services and Implementing and Maintaining Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services. In addition, we will extensively cover how to Design an Analysis Solution Architecture Using Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services and Implement and Maintain Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services. You will expand your knowledge on MDX Queries and learn how to create complex reports employing expressions, global collections, and conditional formatting using SQL Server Reporting Services.


Microsoft Business Intelligence [MSBI] course consists of all real-time tasks which arise in day to day activities. Each and every topic is covered with unique case studies. Microsoft Business Intelligence [MSBI] course is divided into 3 modules and totals more than 50 hours of instructor-led training for SQL Server 2012/2005 Business Intelligence.


Microsoft Business Intelligence [MSBI] course is intended for IT Professionals who are responsible for implementing and maintaining SQL Server 2012/2005 reporting and analysis solutions.

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