If you’ve ever wondered if, after a traffic accident, rehabilitation is also covered by insurance, the answer is: yes, of course. Rehabilitation is part of the cure, and the insurer is obliged to put the means for it to occur or, in any case, the final situation of the injured party is as close as possible to that concept. These are the figures of the rehabilitation processes offered by auto insurance in Spain:

Healing from an injury, or minimizing its aftermath, can be a long and disciplined road. Rehabilitation is key to the cure of a patient and that is why we wanted to tell you about it today that is celebrated on the Day of Physiotherapy . That second part of the history of healing in which what therapies and surgeries cannot achieve is achieved by the effort of the injured is vital, and with it the technical wisdom of the physical therapist, the mechanic of human beings who, little little by little, he tries to put everything back in place.

Rehabilitation is a need that can arise in both serious and minor injuries. This is clear from the fact that, according to insurance data, around 100,000 people each year require rehabilitation benefits paid for by insurance.

Every hour of the year, the bill for these rehabilitation sessions increases by 2,500 euros . This is so because, as can be estimated from the data, each year the physical therapy sessions that are necessary for those injured in traffic accidents are around 1.3 million .

At the bottom of all these figures beats the concept of comprehensive reparation. The objective of the insurer of the driver who has caused an accident with injuries is to seek, as far as possible, comprehensive reparation of the damage; ideally, then, to ensure that the person who has suffered injuries in traffic accidents can see this experience as a bad dream, since they have obtained a total cure of their ailments.

Without rehabilitation, without the work of physiotherapists, the healing of traffic injured would be leaving 100,000 people behind each year. Take account, then, of the amount of pain, annoyance, and complaints that these magic hands solve. When we think of caring for those injured in traffic, we often reserve our applause for the doctors and nurses. Serve this article to convince you that, in addition, physiotherapists also deserve them. They deserve, in fact, more than a million applause.

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