Play PUBG mobile on pc (100% working) For Free

PUBG represents PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds. PUBG Mobile is an online multiplayer battle game where 100 players bounce from a plane to an island with a parachute. In the wake of landing, they search for weapons in structures and homes. They need to kill different players with the end goal to survive. Players can shape a group with their Facebook or game companions. Else they’ll get a group of four of course. The last standing player or group will be the champ. Players get an assortment of instruments while playing for instance weapons, rifles, pan, scopes, medi-packs, bandages, drinks, painkillers, projectiles and so on.


What is the need to play PUBG Mobile on pc?

PUBG Mobile isn’t just accessible on the android and ios stage yet additionally on PCs. In any case, the issue is that the PC form isn’t free. You have to purchase the game in order to play. But the mobile version is free. That is the reason the Mobile version is called PUBG Mobile, which is totally free. A few people can’t play the PUBG Mobile on their phones because of less RAM, Graphics or different issues, So they want to play the game on their computers and laptops. But they don’t know how to do it and even numerous individuals don’t have the foggiest idea about that “Is it possible to play PUBG Mobile on PC?” Yes, it is totally conceivable to play the game on the PCs with the help of emulators. One principle highlight of playing PUBG on pc is that in beginning there is some confusion in controls yet later they turn out to be exceptionally helpful. So how about we begin the instructional exercise.


Before we begin, you should realize what does Emulator implies? Emulators are the software and hardware which empowers one PC framework to carry on like another PC framework. Here we are discussing software. The software which we will utilize is called Android Emulator. It implies they can empower your PC framework to act as cell phones. You can play mobile games on PC like temple run, clash of clans and obviously PUBG Mobile additionally on your PC.

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There are many android emulators on the web like Bluestacks, Memu, ko player, Nox app player and so on. However, I will enlighten you regarding the best Two emulators to play PUBG Mobile.


The first emulator to play PUBG Mobile is NOX APP PLAYER.
1.Download Nox app player setup from Here. Setup measure is around 300-400 MB.
2. Install the product and dispatch it.
3. After beginning the Nox app player you can obviously observe that your PC carries on like an android.
4. You can see the symbol of the Play Store on the screen.
5. Click on the symbol and look for PUBG Mobile.
6. Click on install and hurrah! You got your PUBG mobile on your PC.
7. When you’ll begin the game you will get predefined controls to play the game like W, A, S, D will function as a joystick. But you can change them as well according to your own comfort.
8. To change them, take a look at the symbols on the right sidebar. Tap on the keyboard symbol and you will get the specialist to change the controls.

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The second Emulator is Tencent gaming buddy. It is preferred to play PUBG Mobile on this emulator since this emulator is intended for playing PUBG Mobile. Tencent (PUBG Mobile distributor on a mobile phone) saw that numerous individuals are playing PUBG on emulators. So they made their very own emulator for playing PUBG. That is the reason it is liked to play PUBG Mobile on this emulator since this makes your game considerably more simple to work.

1. First, download Tencent Gaming Buddy from here.
2. Install the emulator. Its setup measure is 8-10 MB simply because it isn’t intended to play any diversion on it. It will enable you to play PUBG Mobile. That is the reason its set up estimate isn’t bigger, however, you need to download the game(PUBG Mobile) on it which is of 1.5GB.
3. Download the game on the emulator and appreciate playing PUBG Mobile.
4. You can change the controls here moreover. Same as Nox app player.