SmartMousse is protected by the first social insurance

Mr. Wolff has proved to be a pioneering company, not only for the innovation introduced into the market by this new product but also for the guarantees offered. Mr. Wolff has in fact chosen to give its customers an insurance policy to protect their purchase, by signing a partnership with Insurance Noon.

Each SmartMousse tire kit distributed will include, included in the sale price, an innovative insurance coverage lasting 12 months on the puncture of the micro-chamber. This is a policy designed and tailored to the community of SmartMousse buyers.

How does it work?

When purchasing a tire kit, each MrWolf customer will be registered on the Insurance Noon online platform and will thus become part of the community of SmartMousse policyholders.

Insurance Noon provides a control panel dedicated to the community, in which all registered users share information on their policy and any requests for assistance. By accessing the platform, therefore, the MrWolf customer will be able to view any open claims (punctures) in real-time and the consequent giveback accrued by the community.

The giveback that the community will have been able to generate at the end of the insurance period will be allocated to charitable and social responsibility initiatives, to crown a virtuous cycle of transparency, responsibility, and fairness.

 What does the policy include?

The insurance premium provides for the reimbursement of expenses incurred in the event of a micro-chamber being punctured during the 12 months from the date of purchase. The SmartMousse customer can go to the retailer and request assistance, with costs entirely borne by the insurance company.

Why this partnership?

“We are so convinced of the quality of our innovation,” said co-founder of MrWolf “that we have chosen to give our customer’s insurance coverage to protect their SmartMousse. We have decided to ensure our customers with Insurance Noon so that they can join a community and benefit from sharing information on the status of any claims opened by all other insured customers. This innovative and transparent model is exactly in line with our vision: on the one hand, it will make our customers responsible for the use of the insurance policy, and on the other hand, it will allow everyone to verify – we are convinced – the absence of claims as proof of goodness. of the product”. 

Insurance Noon is the digital social insurance that rewards communities” explains Edoardo Monaco, CEO of Insurance Noon“as we fulfill the dream of every policyholder: to be reimbursed for part of the cost incurred for the insurance if no claims have occurred. We are the first real insurance dedicated to communities because we allow a totally transparent sharing of information on the policy and on the claims that actually occurred by the group of people who have the same insurance coverage. No secrets then, but a transparent statement on how much the insurance company actually had to intervene and how much is up to the community, in terms of giveback, for not having had to use insurance. 

Unity is strength, this is our creed. Welcome to the future of insurance!


MrWolf is the manufacturer of Banger, a system built thanks to the use of a very low-density technopolymer intended and developed specifically for the MTB sector, launched on the market in 2017.

MrWolf today presents SmartMousse, which offers unprecedented traction coupled with maximum customization possibilities. The elastomeric part absorbs all shocks and deforms in close contact with the ground, guaranteeing a grip that is beyond any standard. With SmartMousse damaged rims will become just a distant memory. All stresses and bumps from the ground are now completely dissipated by the mousse

All MrWolf products make use of the experience and quality that can offer. SmartMousse is produced entirely in Italy and every single product is monitored for at least 45 days from production before being placed on the market.