Sports insurance for Go game

The game of Go came to us from ancient China, and today it is the official sport of the mind, in which competitions are held at the world level. To participate in various tournaments, as in any other sport, you need sports insurance to play Go. Without this document, according to the rules of the championship, the player cannot be admitted to the competition.

What is covered by insurance for Go?

Sports insurance for Go will fully or partially reimburse HC expenses received from competitions, training, or sports activities during the entire insurance period. Our service offers to take out insurance for Go with “Whole World” insurance coverage for athletes of any age, athletes under 18 years of age are provided with a service with coverage 24/7.

Risks covered by insurance for Go:

  • Any injuries with NA (accident);
  • Complete or temporary incapacity due to illness or NA;
  • Disability group due to an accident;
  • Hospitalization in case of illness or insured event;
  • Surgery for NS or disease;
  • The onset of a serious illness;
  • Thermal damage resulting from an accident;
  • Death due to NA or illness.

These insured events involve the reimbursement of insurance compensation. The amount of the material payment is calculated according to the table, you can find it in the Rules of the National Assembly.

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Are there any injuries while playing Go?

At first glance, the game of Go does not carry any risk of injury for athletes. Calm intellectual play does not require special physical training and does not imply violent collisions. But we must not forget that the participants in the Go game are the same athletes and their life is associated with various trips, flights, and travels.

For this reason, just like other athletes, they need sports insurance for Go against accidents, because you can get an injury that requires medical attention almost everywhere in the modern world.

Insurance payments for Go

Sports insurance payments for Go are calculated necessarily taking into account the severity of the injury, the chosen treatment and the package of insurance services. In the event of a disability of 1 or 2 groups, as well as in a state of irreversible incapacity for work, as in the case of the death of the insured person, the material compensation will be one hundred percent of the amount insured.

Also, a child with any disability group will receive a full insurance payment. In case of short-term incapacity or risk of hospitalization, the payment is made on days of treatment and is calculated as a percentage of the amount insured. For other insurance risks, the amount of insurance compensation is determined by the insurer in accordance with the table of insurance payments.

How long do you need to take out insurance for Go?

In our service, insurance for Go can be purchased for any chosen period from one day to one year. The required period for obtaining insurance depends on the personal requirements of the athlete. Some take out insurance only for the period of one competition, others purchase insurance for a year so that during the entire insurance period there is an opportunity to train and take part in Go competitions both in the Russian Federation and abroad.

The insurance period before taking out insurance can be found in a special calculator of our service. It should be borne in mind that the most reliable and profitable choice would be sports insurance for the game of Go for 365 days because if you have it, you will not need to purchase additional insurance for everyday activities in the gym and travel abroad for sports camps or competitions.

Must be done when an insured event occurs

In the event of an insured event, the athlete or the person in charge is obliged to immediately seek medical help. After being discharged from the medical institution, you need to get a certificate-extract of the sample established by the insurance company, prepare the rest of the documents proving the event of an accident and contact the insurer for material compensation. The list of required documents, as well as the entire algorithm of steps, is published on the Insured event page.

Electronic sports insurance

In accordance with the law of the Russian Federation, electronic insurance for Go is an official and absolutely legal document that gives the insured person the right to insurance compensation under the contract.