The Ghetto Billionaire: Oprah Winfrey and Her Success Story

Winfrey’s secret

Oprah Winfrey must have gotten tired of counting how many publications and how many times she was recognized as the most influential TV presenter, African-American, philanthropist, businesswoman, and just a woman (emphasize the right) in the world. However, most likely, she never started: at least, by her own admission to Edward Enninful, once typing her name into Google, she learned a lot about herself. “I was so impressed with myself,” Oprah jokes. “I didn’t even know that I was the first black billionaire in history, or that I donated more to charity in the 20th century than any African American. It’s not bad. “

In any case, to understand why Mrs. Winfrey is put on a par with such persons as Barack Obama, Queen Victoria, Confucius, and even Jesus Christ (all of them, at least, were included in the list of people who changed the world, according to Life), not difficult. As soon as Oprah recommended a book as part of her show, the next day sales of the work jumped by several tens of thousands of copies. It cost her in 1998, during a broadcast devoted to mad cow disease, to mention that she would not soon want to eat a burger, as beef sales in the United States fell, and prices fell sharply – for which some American farmers even filed a lawsuit against the TV presenter (case, however, they did not win). According to economists from the University of Maryland, Winfrey’s support provided presidential candidate Barack Obama from 400,000 to 1. 6 million votes in the 2008 primaries alone. And all this is just the tip of the iceberg called the Oprah Winfrey phenomenon.

The voice of the humiliated

Was it really a surprise for Oprah that she was the first African American woman to make her first billion on her own (today, a woman’s fortune is estimated at $ 4 billion, according to Forbes)? Perhaps so, but before the Golden Globes in 2018, at which Ms. Winfrey was supposed to receive the Cecil B. de Mille award, she still inquired about her own records. Clutching the precious statuette, the TV personality declared from the stage of the award: “… at the moment many little girls are looking at me and see me becoming the first black woman to receive this award.” That speech, by the way, created a real sensation: the audience jumped up from their seats in applause in the middle of the performance, and a good half of the audience had tears in their eyes.

Oprah herself had eyes on the wet spot – however, for her, such a manner is not new. Emotion has always been the main feature of her public speaking.

That evening, many were in tune with high-flown words. The 75th Golden Globe ceremony was held under the auspices of the then growing anti-harassment movement Time’s Up, so many women attending the event needed an inspiring speech as if they were doing the right thing. Oprah gave them this speech. The effect of her speech was so hypnotic that the media mogul was immediately nominated for the presidency. Excerpts of her speech were circulating on social networks under the hashtag # Oprah2020, and some celebrities have publicly admitted that they consider the TV presenter the ideal nominee for the highest government post. ( presidential nomination).