The Impact Of The Internet On Society : A Global Perspective

The first wireless communication device, the radio, was invented in 1891. This was considered a revolution in the way of communication. Mass communication was made possible to the most remote corner of a country. But little did people know that about roughly 100 years from then, the monster of wireless communication was to be born, the Internet. After wireless telephones, this was the next generation communication device. Initially, the Internet was used only as a medium for the exchange of information or knowledge. The Internet is no exception also evolved as time passed. Now it has become an inseparable part of our lives. It is a world of its own. The Internet is the new generation two way communication medium. With the coming of the Internet, the world has become more intimate. From doctors to groceries, anything and everything is just a click away. The sharing of data has become more efficient, easy, and less time-consuming. People can be anything they want to be on it. It allows people to escape from reality into a realm, which is free from any rules and responsibilities.

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Use of social media nowadays

The Internet brought social media. Social media platforms share our photographs, videos, feelings, and whatnot. It’s a free source of entertainment at a global level. People can befriend anyone from anywhere. Although every social media site has its own set of general rules or guidelines, do people follow them? I use social media for entertainment. Social media lets you be yourself and allows you to do anything. It is a free world on it. But some people use it to spread hate and violence, also known as trolling. These trollers do anything behind their screens. This is one of the only harsh realities of social media.

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Lack of privacy

But the Internet brings many sets of questions with it. Loss of privacy is the primary concern. You can always keep yourself secure by guides from IP Router Login. Because anything personal can become public. Privacy has become one of the topmost agenda. Social media harassment is a very critical issue that everyone wants to fight, but no one talks about it. It is an essential factor that people need to be aware of it. Despite raising awareness among children regarding this issue, sometimes they behave wildly online. Especially when it comes to teenagers, they sometimes post some things online that are not for sharing. For them, their main priority is to increase their followers or friends online. It is not detrimental to be social, but too much exposure can bring consequences to it. They must remember that whatever that goes up on the Internet, stays there forever.

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Misuse of the internet

The Internet has also made us lazy. People are so bound in their work-life that they have lost time for their families or themselves. Thanks to e-commerce websites, people can now order anything from their mobiles. No doubt it is convenient, but is it necessary?

I believe that almost every person out there has seen at least one episode of the sitcom Friends. They were so close to each other because they didn’t have smartphones with the Internet in it. They used to spend time together, go out with each other, discuss each other’s problems, and whatnot. A sitcom like Friends will not exist in this decade because every other person is glued to their couches and devices with Internet connectivity in it.

Nowadays, food is also a click away. I agree with the fact that it is helpful for the ones who don’t have time occasionally, but the majority of people use this facility because they want to avoid going out. People have lost excitement for going out and having food. I love to go out and eat. They don’t realize the point that they can make so many memories and enjoy themselves by going out and having just one meal with their family or friends.

When it comes to our daily life, the Internet-driven smartphone has replaced our other items. People use their smartphones as a camera, alarm clock, watch calculator, and MP3 player. Our every other work like talking, messaging, reading, writing, web browsing, sending emails, and much more can take place on a smartphone. The other day I saw a coffee-making machine, which can be controlled from a smartphone. Put the ingredients in the machine and give a command from your mobile. And voila, your coffee is ready without any hustle. Not only these devices, such as air conditioners, televisions, vacuum cleaners, geysers, and what not can be operated from this magical device. But has anybody ever thought that without internet connectivity in our smartphones, it would be not wholly but partially useless for us?

The human being is the most evolved species on the earth, but the sad part is that it has become a slave of the Internet. Our gadgets with the Internet have become our topmost priority. No doubt that the Internet has enhanced our life, but it has also given us social anxiety. I bet in the next ten years, and it will become more powerful. We, as human beings, need to widen our horizons and explore the new zones of this beautiful world.

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