Top 5 android games 2020-2021 Smart Overview !!!

In this article we will tell you about Top 5 android games 2020-2021

Bright Memory is finally launched on the android device you can easily download the game on your smartphone. Bright memory is one of the best first-person shooting game. The Graphics & sound quality are excellent which makes the game unique. The main character of this game is female name Sheila who works in a Science research organization &search for treasure but people there have no good thinking about her.

Sheila will fight against her until she complete her task. Soon the game will also be available for pc.The game is run on first-person mode if you think you can play this game on a low end device you are wrong. In this game, you will see a lot of fights or even you have to fight with animals also survive yourself. Some additional Information about Bright memory is given below. Bright Memory

Initial Released date 12 Jan,2019
Developed By FYQD Studio
Published By FYQD Studio
Engine Unreal Engine 4
Platform Microsoft Windows, iOS, Android
Downloading Requirement CPU:i5-3470 INTEL or,


OS Windows 7 64 bits.

·         VIDEO CARD: Nvidia GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7770.






2-Battle Prime

If you are bored from pubg then you should try battle Prime. Battle Prime is also third-person shooter game launched on the mobile device. This game is very suitable for those peoples who want to try something new. The battle prime game has HD graphics master sound quality. As a player, you should upgrade your guns, customize weapons to kill the enemy. As compare to pubg battle Prime takes space to download on an android device. In the gameplay, you will play this game with 6 players.

Its a full multiplayer game. The game can be easily downloaded on a 3GB/4GB set. In the battle Prime game you can join the “Karakurt” Operation. You have to complete different battle operations and get rewards. You can invite your friends to battles. As a player, you can coordinate with your team. Interface &game play is improved by developers

. Battle Prime

Publisher Press Fire Gamers
Platform Android
Modes Sabotage, Duel, 6v6 Gun-Fu & Sniper Arena.
Updated Sep 2, 2020
Android Required 5.0 or above
Current Version 5.0.1
Installation 10,000,00+


3-The adventure of Tintin

Most people think that its an old game and cannot download on a new generation phone. But don’t worry, there is an upgrade in this game which helps you to download this game. The graphics are very high &excellent sound quality. The main character in this game in Tintin who went on an adventure with his friend dog and captain friend. Sometime you will solve the different puzzles with the help of a dog or captain.

The adventure of Tintin

Initial release date October 21, 2011
Publisher Ubisoft
Developer Ubisoft
Composer Christophe Heral
Game Type Stealth game
Platform Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, Playstation 3
Mode Single Player


4-Devil May Cry Pinnacle of Combat

Devil May cry can be download from third-party sites After a very simple search on google.Most people wait for a game like Devil May Cry Pinnacle of Combat. Its full an action android game. The graphics are very high. Different modes or locations you will see in this game. People are very excited after launching Devil may cry Principle of Combat. devil may cry

  • Some famous characters of Devil may cry Pinnacle of Combat is given below.
  • Vergil
  • Dante
  • Nero
  • Sparda
  • Lady
  • Trish


Project War Mobile

Project War Mobile is an online typical mobile shooting game. In this game, you will shoot the enemy after taking cover. The graphics are so high.  New PVP map, New Pve stag, network stability, bug fix are new features of this amazing shooting game. some additional information about Project War mobile is given below.

project war

Updated 16 Aug 2020
Size 65M
Install 10,000+
Current version 1130
Android Required 5.0 or up
Developer Goblin Gamer


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