Top 5 Android podcast listening apps

Podcast applications allow you to subscribe to your favorite authors to instantly find out about the release of a new episode, and flexibly control playback. We have collected the best clients for Android, which will help make listening to releases as convenient as possible. And most importantly – all this pleasure will be free.

Google Podcasts 1.0.0

Google was several years late with the release of a separate application for podcasts, but it did well right away: a minimalistic interface, an extensive database of audio shows, including in Russian, and convenient playback control tools. The client syncs to your Google Account, saving subscriptions, downloaded editions and settings.

In Google Podcasts there is only a start page on which all the necessary elements are located. Immediately after launching the application, you will see subscriptions, new releases and tops in various categories. In the “For You” window, in addition to new products, issues that you started to play but did not listen to, as well as downloaded episodes, are displayed. The catalog of podcasts leaves a good impression: there are all the popular Russian-language shows, and most importantly – a complete set of releases of Treshkast. To search, you need to know the author or episode name.

If something is missing in the directory, then you can use the Google search bar, which gives links through the built-in browser. For example, we did not find the TED Talks Technology recordings, but using the search we looked at the latest issues on the official website. But this, of course, is a minus – from the podcast client you expect another experience of use.

The player interface is also minimalistic. It occupies about a third of the screen and allows you to rewind the recording 10 seconds backward or 30 seconds forward, change the playback speed, trim fragments with silence and set a timer to start the podcast or end the job. There are no time codes to switch to the themes specified by the author, software tools for volume control – this is a little lacking.

In the application settings, you can set the deadlines for deleting the listened and unheeded issues, as well as configure notifications. If you do not allow them, then you will not be able to control playback on the locked screen or through the notification curtain. Google Podcasts does not have a widget.

Castbox 8.11.2

If Google Podcasts is a story about a minimalistic interface, then Castbox is a blow to the eyes with a number of icons, sliders, categories, covers and ads. To make the main page a little more enjoyable, purchase a premium version of the application. In it, you can turn off visual advertising and configure the interface – as well as get an unlimited number of subscriptions. An annual subscription to the paid version costs $ 9.99 per year. You can also pay premium access for a month for $ 1.99 and for 3 months for $ 3.99.

To start working with the application, you need to log in using your Google, Facebook, Twitter, Line account or register using email. You can skip the authorization window, but then the functionality of the application will be limited: for example, you will not be able to save and synchronize subscriptions.

On the Castbox start page there is a search bar through which you can find shows by author, episode name, RSS and link – in general, in any way possible. Next to it is a button to go to downloaded releases that you can listen to offline. Below is a slider in which popular podcasts appear. There is a small menu for switching between catalogs of shows, audiobooks and radio stations. An interesting section is Networks. You can find all the channels of one author in it: for example, the Air Force releases 716 different audio shows. The main part of the start page is devoted to demonstrating the categories of podcasts.

The Castbox catalog is huge. Here you can find all releases of Treshkast and other popular Russian podcasts. It is important that the library of foreign shows is not limited only to English-language authors. French, Spanish, Italian, German podcasts will be especially interesting for those who learn these languages. The channel information contains all issues, descriptions and recommendations, user comments on various episodes.

The player has all the necessary playback management tools: rewind and fast forward, sleep timer, program increase sound, trim silence, change speed. From the player you can see the release description, go to the list of episodes, add to favorites, download, read comments. You can control playback on the locked screen and through the notification curtain.

When subscribing to a channel, a list of settings automatically appears. In it, you can control the startup and deletion options, the appearance of PUSH messages and the automatic skipping of the listened episodes. You can also use a tag system to navigate subscriptions – tags are added through the settings menu. In the general settings of the application, it is possible to manage connected accounts, enable / disable the use of cellular communications, notification settings, a dark theme, a lock screen player.

Podcast Addict 2020.6.2

One of the oldest podcast clients, which can also be used for free. The only drawback is the banner that hangs under the controls. Advertising is removed by purchasing a paid version of the application, which costs 309 rubles. Podcast Addict has no account or sync system. If you want to keep the subscriptions, you need to make a backup. The file is uploaded to the folder specified in the settings for downloading releases. You can transfer it to another device or import it when reinstalling the application.

The Podcast Addict start page suggests getting started by finding interesting podcasts. After clicking on “+” you will be taken to a window with categories. For navigation, there is a search bar and a menu with links to various options: connecting RSS, adding audio books, studying the list of radio stations, importing a backup copy, searching by keywords.

The application offers a large selection of audio shows from around the world. Only in the list of networks are media corporations from China, France, Germany, Italy and a bunch of English-speaking countries that record dozens of podcasts. Popular Russian-language authors are also available in the library, including all issues of Treshkast. Recommendations on user subscriptions allow you to broaden your horizons by discovering new shows. In addition, the application can be used as a standalone player for playing MP3s, audio books, local files.

The player has control of the playback speed, sleep timer, add button to favorites, volume up options, mono audio, skip silence. Of the interesting features, we note the possibility of adding bookmarks with time codes and the mode for the car, when turned on, the controls become larger. The player can be flexibly configured for yourself – in the application settings there are many options for playing audio, video and radio.

Flexibility of settings is one of the main features of Podcast Addict. You can adjust the player’s behavior during notification, enable automatic rewind, customize the appearance of the YouTube video player, add additional playback control buttons. Another interesting feature is the addition of a channel icon to the home screen for quick access. Other podcast clients cannot do this.

Podcast Republic 20.4.8

A free application for listening to podcasts, which is monetized by advertising and distributing premium access that removes banners. The paid version costs $ 2.99, but without it the client can be used without problems – the main thing is not to pay attention to the ad under the player.

In addition to podcasts, the application offers to manage radio stations, audio books, channels on YouTube and SiundCloud, as well as RSS subscriptions from sites. To save and synchronize subscriptions, authorization through a Google account or registration via email is required. Subscriptions can also be exported and imported in an OPML file.

By default, the start page displays a list of podcast categories. After you start adding subscriptions, the main screen will take up a block with the names of the channels, dates of the last update and the number of unheard episodes. To simplify navigation, you can enable tag management and label podcasts. Tabs are also available on the main screen, allowing you to go to the list of playlists, see downloaded episodes and all new releases. Judging by the description, more than 600 thousand channels are presented in the Podcast Republic library, but for some reason there is no Treshkast. However, if you have the function of adding via RSS, this is not a problem: we select the option “Add podcast by URL”, enter the address of the stream, add a username and get access to all issues of discussion of the latest news from the world of mobile technologies.

In the player you can control the playback speed, add issues to your favorites, set the sleep timer, activate the mode for the car, adjust the equalizer, enable silence skip, programmatically increase the volume. Setting options is only possible for the current podcast or for all episodes. The unique feature of the Podcast Republic is to control playback by shaking the device. You can adjust the sensitivity and specify the action: rewind, episode switching, play / pause, sleep timer.

In the general settings of the application, you can control the user interface and playback order. Of the interesting options, we select the theme color, turn on night mode, change backup and restore options, and flexibly configure the player’s behavior and notifications.

Podkicker 3.0.5

If you like the simplicity of the interface, then Podkicker will be the best solution. The only minus of the application is the lack of a Russian version. But with the number of buttons and settings that Podkicker offers, this will not be a problem. The free version of the application has ads; you can remove it for 129 rubles. Podkicker does not have an account to sync. To save and transfer subscriptions, a backup copy is used, which can be exported to a file in OPML format and then imported on another device.

The start screen is a list of podcasts you are subscribed to. No tops and recommendations, only your interests. Three tabs are available for switching: channels, episodes and downloaded issues. Use the search bar to add new podcasts. Only the language can be selected in it to get a list of channels. The collection is very rich: you can find podcasts in Hebrew, Latvian, Romanian, Persian. You can connect RSS feeds and import subscriptions from OPML files. There is also a recommendations section that analyzes your interests on added channels and offers similar audio shows.

When choosing a release, the application immediately asks what to do with it – stream or download to the phone’s memory. The player at Podkicker is also the easiest. In it you can switch to car mode, control the playback speed, watch the episode description, reset the listening progress. There are no other audio settings: neither an equalizer, nor a software volume increase.

In the general settings of the application, you can manage playlists, customize the appearance and behavior of the podcast client, and automatically save and load new releases. There are all the necessary parameters for convenient listening to your favorite releases of Treshkast, but there are not many options in comparison with other applications.


Yandex.Music 2020.04.1

At the end of 2018, Yandex expanded the functionality of the Music service – a section appeared in it called “Music”, inside which suddenly there was not Russian pop music, but podcasts. Audio shows are only available in the web version. More than six months have passed since the release, however, the section “Non Music” in its normal form has not reached the mobile applications. But through the search, podcasts are available – you just need to know the name.

For example, we want to listen to the recording of “Radio Arzamas”, telling where the Russian mat came from. Using the built-in search in the application, we find the artist “Radio Arzamas”, we get a complete list of its tracks and find the desired podcast. Using Yandex.Music as the main client is inconvenient: there is no normal catalog, there is not enough opportunity to subscribe to new releases, the same player is used as for playing songs. But the first step towards the development of podcast culture has been taken. It only remains to wait until the “Non-Music” section changes its name and appears in the application with functionality added for audio show playback.

To summarize

A good podcast app should have releases of your favorite audio show (or the ability to add them) and convenient playback settings. Not bad when there are interest recommendations and synchronization to switch between different devices. We have collected several proven applications in which these features are presented in one form or another. But there are a lot of clients for podcasts – and you probably know a couple more worthy options. Share them in the comments, let’s discuss through which program it is most convenient to listen to Treshkast.