Top 5 Screen Sharing Apps for Android of All Times

The feature of Screen Share allows you to share the contents of your screen with another device or multiple devices. Without having to share any files, you can show you, friends, or colleagues, any media that is there in your system easily and ( can tell you more about it. The significant advantage of using these screen sharing apps is that the recipient can not only view the material on the shared device but also notice how the user interacts with it in real-time. 

The recipient can watch the user navigating into the interface and making changes in the document. Mechanism of Screen Sharing:

In the case of online screen sharing, the information available on the screen of the sender’s device is encoded into packets of data. The recipient device then decodes these packets of data to show the actual information. Thus, the tangible media from the sender screen is rebuilt. 

Now, let us throw some light on the best screen sharing apps for Android:


Teamviewer is the first choice for many organizations. The app can be installed on a variety of devices from various manufacturers.

The reasons for its popularity are as follows:

  1. A quick installation guide is provided on the page itself.
  2. Teamviewer allows for peer-to-peer communication.
  3. It can be used as a remote control.
  4. Detailed information of system diagnostics is shown in the app
  5. A list of processes that are running can be obtained 
  6. A secured connection with 256 bit AES session coding can be achieved.

Teamviewer was developed by a Germany based private company in 2005. In the year 2018, Teamviewer got representations in Australia and the United States. During the lockdown due to COVID-19, there is a rapid increase in the number of users of Teamviewer, as people are working remotely. In June 2020, Teamviewer has updated its application for all systems, including its iOS version.      


You can access and manage your smartphones using a Linux, Mac, or Windows device. The connection is established wirelessly with no use of USB cables. If you have the necessary hardware, Airdroid allows you to receive SMS, calls, and App notifications. 

The reasons for Android being one of the best screen sharing apps are as follows:

  1. Transferring files from all kinds of machines like MAC, Windows, and Linux is more leisurely.
  2. Contacts and messages from a smartphone can be accessed through a laptop/desktop.
  3. Be it photos, videos, text, backing up everything is possible
  4. In the case of web clients, multiple phone management features are available.
  5. In all connected devices, you can get notifications.

Android has a feature called Airmirror, which enables the user to control the android device on PC and other devices without rooting it. 


Inkwire is acknowledged as one of the best organizational tools. With a single tap, it can connect two Android devices.

The reasons for its mention in the top screen sharing apps are:

  1. It allows the sender to write on the recipient’s screen, to guide in a better way.
  2. Inkwire has an excellent customer support system to aid during the process of troubleshooting.
  3. It is easy to handle and the best choice for new android users.

Inkwire also enables the user to have a voice chat with the shared device. This feature makes Inkwire unique from other android sharing apps.


Vysor has made it possible to work on their Android Smartphones. Vysor connects your android smartphone with your desktop or laptop and thus allows you to use your smartphone remotely using your desktop/laptop. 

The reasons for its mention in the top screen sharing apps are:

  1. Secure connectivity with the help of a USB cable
  2. Easy screen share for remote assistance
  3. Enables the use of smartphones with mouse and keyboard.
  4. Remote debugging and tasting made easier.

On 9th May 2020, Vysor made its 2.3.1 update for android devices. It has a compact size of 4.1 MB for installation. Vysor can be installed in all devices having android 4.4 or up.


The best thing about using the Mimcr app is that you can do voice chat when you are sharing your smartphone screen. Through this app, you can share a bundle of things like photos, videos, games, news, and even shopping items. These reasons make the app very useful apart from being used as a screen-sharing app.

The features which make Mimcr one of the best screen sharing apps are as follows:

  1. Using the app, you can make a phone call to the recipient during a screen share.
  2. The sender can share the screen to the web, and the recipient can access it from the web.
  3. Multiple kinds of media can be shared. For instance, photos, video, games, news, etc.
  4. It is a free application
  5. The app can work over both mobile data and Wi-Fi connectivity.
  6. The availability of playful emoticons can aid in real-time engagement.


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