Top 6 reasons why Escape rooms are best for Team treats!

Have you built your team and hired for all the key positions? You have your team working full speed on all the topics, Sales, Operations, Customer Support, Product, Tech, Marketing, HR. All of them individually is very important for the company’s success as a whole.

Now how can you ensure that they stay with you and how can you avoid employees’ churn?

It’s simple: Treat your team!

This is particularly essential and tricky in startups as you don’t have time to constantly hire new people as there is already so much to do to run daily operations and grow the business as fast as it should! At the same time, you don’t have all the budget you would dream of taking them for holidays or expensive restaurants.

So what do you do? Take them to the Escape room!

Escape room team building is a new trend that’s rapidly catching fire. Here are the top 6 reasons why you should treat your team to the Escape room!

Team building

Top 6 reasons why Escape rooms are best for Team treats 1

The strength of any company lies in the teamwork of its employees at different levels. It is therefore essential that they are able to work together across the board.
Spending time together in an escape room strengthens teamwork by ensuring that they work together to solve puzzles and clues.
Finding and solving clues or puzzles require regular communication to ensure everyone is on the same page. Also, working under pressure reveals the true character and abilities of individuals that can be controlled by the company.

Improved communication

Top 6 reasons why Escape rooms are best for Team treats 2

It is usual to find employees that do not interact regularly, especially if it is a large company. The simplest way to encourage interaction is by placing them in an escape room together where they need to communicate continually if they are to get out in good time.
The closeness in the room is likely to lead to better work relationships and friendships among employees for the benefit of the company. Most times, the good relations continue even at the office resulting in better collaborations. You’ll definitely have a stronger cooperating team by the time they make their escape.

Increased morale

Planning a day out of the office or even a few hours for your staff is almost always appreciated. Most employees feel valued and respond by investing more time in making the company successful. It even works better when the activity selected is as fun and beneficial as an escape room. These gaming spaces can hold many people together making it possible for the whole team to be involved in the challenge. And when your employees succeed as a team here, it is probable that they will chase the same outcome back at the office.

Demonstration of soft skills

Each person’s soft skills, or lack thereof, can easily be recognized in an escape room. As they have fun and focus on completing the tasks at hand, be on the lookout for those that show skills such as leadership, patience, and so forth. Most of the games need a person to take charge at one point or another to help the team unlock doors, solve puzzles, and also find hidden clues. If you have new employees in the team, you can easily categorize them as doers or analysts from their contribution to the game and give them tasks relevant to their skills.

Build trust

One of the most important parts of team building is to build trust quickly. Though the most used activity for this is a standard trust fall, isn’t there a better way to build relationships? Will performing trust falls really tell you if you will be able to work efficiently and effectively with your employees? Maybe not.

What you really need to be able to trust your teammates with, is the work they contribute to your assignments or your everyday office environment.

Can you trust them to be efficient and helpful? Can you trust them to be determined and collaborative?

These are questions you can’t answer with a trust fall, but you can certainly answer in an escape room. After you’ve escaped a room with your team, you can have trust that the employees can successfully tackle any project together, since they worked so well together figuring out all the puzzles and clues. The trust you build in an escape room is just the kind of trust you need in an organization.

Get to know each other

One can learn more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation. Seeing the same people in the same office setting everyday enables you to get into a routine of how you act and what you talk about. The best way to get to know the different outlooks of your teammates is to see them in various environments.

  • However, team building activities push you out of your comfort zone and enable you to react to new challenges.
  • Team building enables each member of your team to discover his/her own unique strengths and utilize them.
  • This type of game quickly highlights a team’s strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Regardless of who shines and how, you will certainly come out of team building at an escape room with an all-new perspective on some of your team members.

While escape rooms are an important team-building activity, they are also a lot of fun! It is so much fun that a lot of escape room players come for birthdays or other special occasions. Escape rooms are a great way to celebrate anything, such as hitting goals, completing a project, a successful summer internship program, new team members, or just good hard work at the office!

When you are all rushing to finish an assignment and tensions are high, it will help to look back and remember that you have already worked together successfully and enjoyed doing it. Every now and then, it’s important that companies take a break and let their employees enjoy themselves.

Lastly, Escape rooms are really fun and great. This type of unique experience will create a special bond amongst players and give them something to talk about for weeks!

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