Top 6 Torrent Clients for Android to download movies, games

Torrents have been and remain one of the most convenient ways to exchange large files. Information is transmitted using them in a cooperative manner using a special peer-to-peer protocol that Bram Cohen invented. In this case, the data is stored on one of the user devices and sent to others using special software – torrent clients. They help to download and decrypt them. Then you can use the files and take part in the distribution.

µTorrent 6.2.0

µTorrent is one of the most popular torrent clients on both computers and Android smartphones. With it, it will be possible to download movies, music, books and other content as conveniently as possible.

Add a torrent file to this application will turn out directly from the browser via the link, and from the smartphone’s memory. After that, it will start automatic loading, the speed and other parameters of which will be flexibly controlled. In the program settings, you can select the desired download option – either only in Wi-Fi networks, or also using mobile Internet. It is possible to set speed limits for incoming and outgoing traffic, which will help limit the load on the network.

The mobile application allows you to connect to the adult version of µTorrent on your computer. This is necessary to remotely control the download. It will turn out to use this chip both within the local network, and through the Internet.

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aTorrent 3071

aTorrent is another torrent client that has gained popularity on mobile platforms. Its main feature turned out to be an interface with unusual backgrounds for decoration – many people really liked it.

You can also add a torrent file to this program either using a link to it from a browser or through the built-in storage of your smartphone. Here you can select the necessary folder to save your data. The developers did not forget about speed limits, as well as the ability to download files both via the mobile Internet, and using only the Wi-Fi network. There are options for setting proxies and encryption.

Among the most interesting features of the program was the control of the battery charge of the smartphone and its power. It is possible to turn off the download when the device is sufficiently discharged or turn it on only when connected to the power supply.

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BitTorrent 6.2.0

BitTorrent is one of the easiest torrent download clients that captivates with its intuitiveness and speed. From the settings there are only limits for receiving and distributing, automatically starting and selecting a folder for downloading.

Downloaded content is automatically recognized by the built-in media library for movies and music. That’s just to launch it through the application itself will not work even with a strong desire – this is a minus. But among the interesting features was the built-in remote control for managing a full BitTorrent client, which is installed on your computer. To do this, you can use both a local connection within the same Wi-Fi network, and external via the Internet.

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tTorrent 1.6.7

tTorrent is another convenient client for working with torrents. You can quickly add the necessary download to it from the built-in storage of the smartphone or through the Magnet link. Active downloads in the program will be flexible sorted by name, size, state, progress, speed rating and more. The application also has a filter for active downloads and distributions, as well as data that is paused. There is a built-in file manager, as well as a special RSS reader for torrents.

The program has a lot of settings for every taste – from options for using the network to choosing the display interface, search options and power management of the smartphone. There are even marks with which you can select files of different types.

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zetaTorrent 3.7.9

zetaTorrent is a mobile torrent client for real geeks. It shows so much information about the downloaded file and the download process that it’s scary to think. Most of these data will be uninteresting and incomprehensible, but technically savvy users will definitely appreciate them. Just think, even on the main page of the application the coefficient of downloaded and given information for each download is immediately shown – this is useful for increasing the rating on thematic forums.

The downloads in the program are conveniently broken down by their activity, there is a special reader for working with RSS feeds. In the application, there was a place even for the built-in explorer, which will help to deal with all the downloaded files.

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Flud is one of the best torrent clients that fits perfectly with Google’s Material Design concept. It not only looks like a branded application of the search giant, but also copes with the tasks assigned to it. There is a simple sorting of files by activity, there was a place for the functionality of working with Magnet links. We did not forget about setting up file storage, speed limits, controlling the number of simultaneous downloads, and choosing themes.

The main advantage of this application compared to everyone else from this collection is the complete lack of advertising and obsessive offers as soon as possible to download a paid version of the program. This makes her a good choice.

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To summarize

µTorrent and BitTorrent are a good choice if you use the appropriate applications on your computer. aTorrent, zetaTorrent and tTorrent are good multifunctional alternatives. Flud is a program in the design of Material and without ads.