5 Types of Beautiful Freshwater Fish at Low Prices

During this pandemic, caring for betta or another freshwater fish seems to be a trend in the global community. The reason is because betta fish are considered easy to care for, with beautiful shapes and colors, so they can be a profitable business too.

But you know, there are still many types of ornamental fish that you can keep besides betta fish. These freshwater ornamental fish are also easy to maintain and are certainly no less beautiful!

Are you curious about what? Check out the 5 most beautiful types of freshwater ornamental fish that are easy to keep at home below!


This type of freshwater ornamental fish is known for its unique and beautiful shape. Yes, the manfish has a flat, thin shape and has a long fin size. As beautiful as it is, this fish is often mistaken for ornamental fish from the sea, even though it is a freshwater fish that is cheap, you know!

The advantage of raising manfish is due to their adaptability. So, manfish will be safe if you combine with other fish of the same size in one aquarium.

Betta Fish

Here comes the freshwater ornamental fish that is currently popular, Betta Fish!

Betta fish are freshwater ornamental fish that you can find with prices starting from thousands of rupiah. This fish is widely appreciated because it has a very beautiful color and shape of fins and tail. Unfortunately, this fish has aggressive properties that make it less safe when combined in one container with other fish.


This one fish really has a mini size, which is only about 4-5 cm for the female and can even be smaller for the male. Even so, guppy fish still have a variety of beautiful colors that make them beautiful as ornamental fish in the aquarium.

Molly Fish

If you like this type of freshwater ornamental fish with a small size, then you can choose this mini fish!

Yes, Molly fish are small fish that have a bulging stomach and a beautiful thick color. Caring for molly fish also does not require a lot of space, because you can place these omnivorous fish in one aquarium with other large fish. For food, you can give him hair worms, pellets, and frozen worms.

Lemon Cichlid

Just like its name, lemon fish does have a bright yellow color and is refreshing like lemons. However, lemon fish also has a blue color, you know!

Apart from having an eye-catching color, the black and yellow or blue stripes on the fins make it look pretty and attractive. To care for it, it is recommended to keep it in a medium sized aquarium that provides various help or other aquarium decorations. The goal, so that lemon fish is not stressed.

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