80+ VLC shortcut keys (updated) – Pro tricks

The VLC media player is one of the most famous and used software for playing songs, videos, and streaming videos. It is widely used for its features and shortcuts keys for operating. Most of its users do not know about its shortcut keys. They only know basic VLC shortcut keys like spacebar to stop and others. In this post, you are also going to learn how to change VLC media player shortcut keys.

VLC Media Player

For those who don’t know what is a VLC media player, It is software for windows to play media like videos, audios, and streaming on your PC screen. It is one of the most trustworthy and featured software which you can download from here for free.

Fun Fact – You can even download YouTube videos using VLC for free. How??

VLC shortcut Keys

Vlc media player have some default shortcut keys which can be used to operate it. You can even customize these shortcut keys according to your convenience. It will be discussed in the last of the post.

Default Shortcut Keys are :

Shortcut NameShortcut Key
Exit fullscreenEsc
Pause onlyBrowser stop
Play onlyBrowser refresh
Normal Rate=
Faster (fine)]
Slower (fine)[
Very short backwards jumpShift+Left
Very short forward jumpShift+Right
Short backwards jumpAlt+Left
Short forward jumpAlt+Right
Medium backwards jumpCtrl+Left
Medium forward jumpCtrl+Right
Long backwards jumpCtrl+Alt+Left
Long forward jumpCtrl+Alt+Right
Next framee
Navigate UpUp arrow
Navigate downdown arrow
Navigate leftleft arrow
Navigate rightright arrow
Go to the DVD menuShift+m
Select previous DVD titleShift+o
Select next DVD titleShift+b
Select prev DVD chapterShift+p
Select next DVD chapterShift+n
Volume upCtrl+Up
Volume downCtrl+Down
Subtitle delay uph
Subtitle delay downg
Subtitle sync / bookmark audio timestampShift+h
Subtitle sync / bookmark subtitle timestampShift+j
Subtitle sync / synchronise audio & subtitle timestampsShift+k
Subtitle sync / reset audio & subtitle synchronizationCtrl+Shift+k
Audio delay upk
Audio delay downj
Cycle audio trackb
Cycle through audio devicesShift+a
Cycle subtitle trackv
Toggle subtitlesShift+v
Cycle next program Service IDx
Cycle previous program Service IDShift+x
Cycle source aspect ratioa
Cycle video cropc
Toggle autoscalingo
Increase scale factorAlt+o
Decrease scale factorAlt+Shift+o
Toggle deinterlacingd
Cycle deinterlace modesShift+d
Show controller in fullscreeni
Context menuMenu
Take video snapshotShift+s
Toggle wallpaper mode in video outputw
Crop one pixel from the top of the videoAlt+r
Uncrop one pixel from the top of the videoAlt+Shift+r
Crop one pixel from the left of the videoAlt+d
Uncrop one pixel from the left of the videoAlt+Shift+d
Crop one pixel from the bottom of the videoAlt+c
Uncrop one pixel from the bottom of the videoAlt+Shift+c
Crop one pixel from the right of the videoAlt+f
Uncrop one pixel from the right of the videoAlt+Shift+f
1:4 QuarterAlt+1
1:2 HalfAlt+2
1:1 OriginalAlt+3
2:1 DoubleAlt+4
*Set playlist bookmark 1Ctrl+1
*Set playlist bookmark 2Ctrl+F2
*Play playlist bookmark 1F1
*Play playlist bookmark 2F2
Clear the playlistCtrl+w

**In the above table, there are stars on four shortcuts. It is to tell that you can even :

  • Set playlist bookmarks 3, 4, 5……10 with Ctrl+”respective number of function key”.
  • play playlist bookmark 3, 4, 5…….10 with “respective number of function key”.

After learning all these shortcut tricks you can operate VLC like a pro.


How to change default VLC Shortcut Keys?

If you are having any kind of problem regarding learning these shortcut keys then you can set up your own shortcut keys quite easily. Here is the procedure:

  • First, search for the VLC Media Player. You can do so by searching “VLC” in the window.
  • Then start the application.
  • Navigate to “Tools”.
  • Then click on “Preferences”. You can directly click “Ctrl+p”.
  • Now you can see many icons and options. Click on Hotkeys.
  • When you click on it, a list of all shortcut keys will appear on your screen. These are the default shortcut keys for VLC Media Player.
  • Double click on any shortcut key to change it.
  • Then, press the new shortcut keys and save the settings.
  • You can always switch back to default shortcuts by clicking on “Reset Preferences”.

Yes, It is that easy.

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I hope that this post helped you and If we missed any shortcut keys then you can tell us in the comment box.

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