Google chrome Vs Other browsers

Google Chrome is a web browser developed by Google LLC. It was released on 2 September 2008. Google Chrome is widely used as a web browser. In fact, more than 65% of people use chrome as their desktop browser. It is the Most used browser presently.
Graph showing usage of Different browsers

Chrome has a reputation for strong browser performance. It is available on all platforms like Linux, Windows, Android, iOS, macOS etc. In 2012, Google claimed that they have 310 million active Chrome users.



Chrome is very fast. Many browsers can open a website quickly but what is more important is that chrome can open heavy websites very quickly. Heavy here mean websites with high graphics, flash ads and videos.


It is very much stable than others. A multi-purpose architecture is implemented to it which helps it to be more stable. Stability here means that although if your one tab crashed then also the whole application will be safe. It prevents tasks from interfering with each other.


Google Chrome has a very clean and minimal design. On another browser, we can see a number of ads here and there but not in the case of Chrome. It does not have any ads here and there. It is really very smooth.


If you are changing your system or you want to see your bookmarks on others system then you can sync that with the help of google chrome. It can sync your bookmarks, favorites, top viewed pages etc.


Suppose you don’t have a video player or music player or an image viewer on your system then what to do? Chrome is there, it can play all these things without any software download. Yes! Just drag and drop the image, video or music in chrome and Chrome will play it for you. It is all in one Package.

Chrome as Image Viewer


The good news about google chrome is that you can apply your own theme to google chrome. Even you can have your own photo on the Chrome Page. Also, you can download various themes from the chrome web store. You can have an Avengers theme or angry birds theme.
Theme in Chrome



Most of the chrome users do not know about this feature but the chrome has its own task manager. You can see it by the command Shift+Esc. And You can control each task individually by right-clicking on them. You can see the task, memory footprint, CPU usage, profile etc. for each task.

Task Manager


Probably it is one of the best features of Chrome. You can download and upload various types of extensions, chrome apps, and themes from the chrome web store. Extensions help you to make google chrome more appealing to you. You can have extensions to download an image, to change input languages, to save anything to your google drive any more. Also, You can have youtube, save anything to your google drive any many more. You can also have youtube, Gmail, google photos, maps etc.

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Downloaded apps from the web store



Suppose you belong to America. You only know English. You want to know about Indian festivals and the website you are visiting is in Hindi. Then the auto-translation arrives, chrome going to ask you to translate the whole page in English. Not only this but you can also change it into more than 100 languages. You can visit any website in your own language.


Good news for game lovers. Google Chrome has a mini T-Rex game also. If you want to play this game then disconnect your computer with internet and open chrome and search anything, the game will appear in front of you. Press any key to start. Press space to jump through obstacles.
Enjoy the game.

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